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Skincando Combat-Ready Bug Repellent

All-natural bug spray keeps gnats and annoying pests at bay. No harsh chemical odors or the like here -- gentle spray could just about pass as a cologne.

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Fend off insect invasions with a few sprays of the premiere all-natural bug formula. That's worth repeating - all natural fellas. Formula was developed for troops deployed overseas to repel mosquitoes, ticks and fleas with extreme prejudice. And... it does all this without using dangerous toxins. No harsh chemical odors here either—this is something you’ll actually want to catch a whiff of at a summer cookout. Paraben-free.

Size: 2.7 oz.
Skin Type: All
To Use: Apply wherever you don't want to get bit.
  1. Impressed at first.....but Review by Cedric

    Last year I had went to the Caribbean and I was tore up with mosquito bites. I was determine to find a bug repellent that was more effective, so I decided to purchase Skincando Combat-Ready bug repellent. I just returned from my vacation from the Caribbean and I have to admit I was rather pleased and happy that I was mostly bite free. One place I had visited had these vicious sand flies and they put mosquitos to shame. I managed to leave that area unscathed and nary a bite. My only complaint is the scent of the spray gredually changes from pleasant to rancid. Hopefully, the company that produced Skincando can tweak the formula were it does not have such a foul stench.

  2. Pleasantly Surprised Review by Scott

    I am the guy that is always getting bug bites while in the great outdoors (great movie). I got a sample of this stuff with another order and decided to give it a shot over the regular OFF! bug spray. I am glad I did. This stuff seems to work pretty well. I still did get random bites here and there, but far less than usual on a night out in the open.