Molton Brown Japanese Orange Body Wash




Molton Brown Japanese Orange Body Wash

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Exotic formula provides a shot of vital energy to the senses while cleansing and hydrating the skin. Formerly the Enlivening Toko-Yuzu Bath & Shower Wash.

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Body wash enlivens the senses with an exotic formula derived from the rare Oriental Toko-Yuzu fruit. Fruit originated in China and is used in Japanese bathing rituals. Spicy citrus fragrance smells dynamite. Wash hydrates and protects skin and makes cleansing more than just a daily task... it's now a deeply spiritual experience.

Size: 10 oz.
Skin Type: All
Key Ingredients: Toko-Yuzu Fruit, Bitter Orange, Ginger
To Use: Create a lather, rub it on your body and rinse
toko-yuzu fruit extract, bitter orange, caraway, ginger
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