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Dermalogica Exfoliating Body Scrub

Got rough skin? Buff it away with this.

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Surface debris doesn't stand a chance against this lightly foaming body scrub. Rice bran softens skin and stimulates cell renewal while sandalwood oil revitalizes. Paraben-free.

Size: 6 oz.
Skin Type: All Skin Types
Fragrance: Pleasant & Light
Key Ingredients: Rice Bran & Papaya Enzymes
To Use: Work in circular motion all over body and rinse
  1. Another Great Dermalogica Product Review by Detroit David

    I've never used a body scrub before, although am very familiar with face scrubs. However, this was on sale for $21 (I think) and I've used other Dermalogica products before and liked them, so I thought I'd give this a try. I never know with a scrub whether or not the exfoliant beads are going to be large, small, dissolve, or be as large as a boulder. Also, as a man with a hairy body, I didn't want to feel like the beads weren't washing off and getting all tangled in my hair! However, I was pleasantly surprised with this product. It lathers up very nicely, the exfoliant part of the product nearly disappears as I wash. With a complete rinsing I don't feel anything left on my body! This smells nice and I can immediately tell that my skin is smoothed and feels renewed. I use this about once a week because regular price of the product is a bit high and I would probably go through the tube in about two weeks if I used it everyday. I could be tempted to purchase this at regular price. Definitely recommended!

  2. buy it Review by marcsaintmarc

    This scrub is great, It smells great, foams up into a creamy lather and is a great exfoliant.

  3. Great stuff Review by MM

    I use this scrub everyday to prevent ingrown hairs because I wax regularly. It works like a charm, smells great and is a great consistency. Highly recommend.