Cleansing Bars

Cleansing Bars cleanse, exfoliate and refresh the body. Soap bars are meant to be used on the body to remove dirt, grime and excess oils. Some body soaps are formulated with grit so that they exfoliate and provide a much deeper cleanse than regular soaps. Lather up with one of these and feel Soaper Duper.
From the green vales of Scotland come some of the most luxurious shaving preps on earth. Infused with the finest essential oils, distilled at the real Castle Forbes perfumery, these solutions make every shave a royal experience.

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We have two types of cleansing bars: Soap bars (the common, standard bar of soap) and scrub bars. Scrub bars have tiny granules that give the bar a gritty texture to exfoliate the skin as it passes – removing dead skin cells and deep-rooted dirt and oil that a standard bar cannot pick up. We recommend using a scrub bar, such as Kiehl’s Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap 2-4 times per week in conjunction with a standard soap bar (or body wash) daily. One of our favorite line of soap bars is Dr. Squatch, which has an awesome selection of natural bars and scents like Nautical Sage and Bay Rum.

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