Taylor of Old Bond Street Deodorant Stick - Mr. Taylor

Aluminum-free deodorant protects underarms from irritation and unsightly stains while delivering Taylor's signature scent.


A natural deodorant that is so good, Jeremiah Taylor was willing to stake his reputation on it. Herbaceous top notes of Lavender and Bergamot intermingle with a warm base of Cedar and Leather - the culminating scent is just enough, a refined aroma to compliment any cologne without overpowering the senses or standalone. This roll-on deodorant is also aluminum-free to gently protect pits from odor and the unsightly stains that are notorious for ruining shirts. A simple, masculine scent that sticks around all day.

Size: 2.5 oz.
Skin Type: All, Sensitive
To Use: Turn base to raise the goodness. Apply to underarms area after showering or when needed.

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