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Common Store Questions

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Q: What is Grooming Lounge's cancellation policy?

A: We require a major credit to secure reservations and request at least 24 hours advance notice is provided for cancellation. Individuals who miss their reservation without prior notification will be charged for the full amount of the service or services scheduled. We understand that things happen and schedules change, so please just call us in advance so we can reschedule your reservation.

Q: Is there nearby parking?
A: In DC, there is a PMI parking garage right next door to the store. In Tysons Galleria, there's plenty of Mall parking.

Q: Where is the closest metro stop?
A: DC: Farragut north - Red Line VA: Tyson’s Corner - Silver Line

Q: Where are you located in Tyson’s Galleria?
A: We're in the Galleria in Tysons (sometimes called Tysons II) on the third level next to Macy’s and Wildfire Restaurant.

Q: Can I add gratuity to the credit card?
A: Unfortunately, gratuity is cash only. Thanks for your understanding. It's a long story.

Q: How early should I arrive for a reservation?
A: It's uber-relaxing here, so feel free to show up early to watch some tube, enjoy a tasty beverage or flip through a magazine. In general though, we request you show up about five minutes before your scheduled reservation time.

Q: Can Grooming Lounge groom men of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds?
A: No problem. Men are men. We have Grooming Experts who are trained to tackle anything from anyone.

Q: Can Gift Certificates be used at any Grooming Lounge location?
A: Of course. You can even use 1/2 in D.C. and 1/2 in Virginia if you so desire. It’s up to you.

Q: Can you return a gift card if the recipient doesn't want it?
A: While we find that hard to believe, unfortunately, all gift cards are non-refundable...Don't worry though, we're confident he'll love it.


Q: Feel free to brag a little, but is the Grooming Lounge a great place?
A: Yes. We're biased, but based on guest reviews and many media awards, we think Grooming Lounge is the Best Barbershop and Men's Spa in both Washington, DC and Northern, VA.

Q: What's the dress code there?
A: We dress for business at Grooming Lounge, but guests can come as they please. Whatever makes a guest feel most comfortable (as long as clothing is being worn) is fine with us.