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A Guide To Men's Lip Balm


One of the Grooming Guys had a college buddy named A.T. who always had lip balm in his pocket and applied it religiously. He couldn't have been more of a "guy's guy," but this Jersey gent sure loved his lip balm. What that visionary A.T. knew back then, and is now common knowledge, was that crusty, chapped smackers just aren't appealing. Now, we're here to carry on his lip legacy:



It’s both an aesthetic and health issue. As stated above on the aesthetic side, jacked-up lips don’t look good and since people are constantly looking at your mouth during conversations, those lips “say” volumes about you. From a health perspective, dry and chapped lips are more prone to cold sores and infections, which in addition to not being healthy, don’t look real charming either.


  • The key step is to regularly apply a lip balm containing natural humectants and ideally, a SPF (Sun Protection Factor). Up the application amount and frequency when in dry or sunny climates.
  • From time to time, use a gentle facial exfoliator around the lip area to ward off any dead skin that may feel uncomfortable or provide the appearance of chapping.
  • Steer clear of too much coffee or alcohol, both of which can contribute to dry and irritated lips (we know that’s a tall order).