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Refreshing, minty and best-in-class toothpaste instantly banishes bad breath and keeps chompers pristine.
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Classic mint toothpaste is a real treat for guys tired of the same old generic drugstore options. Straight from Italy, toothpaste is fluoride-based for cavity, tartar and plaque protection and is formulated with pure Peppermint Oil for a brisk, invigorating effect. Both healthy and tasty -- toothpaste makes the daily brushing experience something to look forward to every day. Produces a mild foam and is safe enough for sensitive teeth, gums, dentures and veneers. Think Altoids in a tube... but a whole lot healthier and flavorful.

Available Flavors:

Classic Mint -- A burst of refreshing peppermint soothes the chompers all day long
Aquatic (water) Mint -- A sea of freshness with a touch of cold mint
Whitening Mint -- Combines a whitening effect along with cold mint's polar thrill

Size: 2.5 oz.
Key Ingredients: Peppermint Oil, Fluoride
How To Use: Apply to wet or dry toothbrush and brush away.

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