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8 Grooming Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

Photo by Michael Gilman

You can have closet packed with designer suits, maintain a stable of exotic sports cars and date a baker's dozen of Swedish Bikini models, but if you're guilty of any of these men's grooming snafus... some serious work still needs to be done.


1.EXCESSIVE NOSE HAIR: If your beak looks like a party favor when you sneeze, a little trimming is definitely in order. To eliminate pesky hairs, regularly use a nose hair trimmer. Also consider getting a nose wax (it's painless) at a reputable spa in the area.


2. THE UNI-BROW: Eyebrows are generally referred to in the plural because men are supposed to have a set. So, if you’re the unlucky owner of a continuous "uni-brow"… it's time to do some division. To remove unwanted hairs, use tweezers to grip hairs at their base and pull in the direction of hair growth. A longer-term solution is a quality waxing kit or a professional waxing. That said, we 'd have to admit that the uni-brow does work (financially at least) for NBA Superstar Anthony Davis.


3. GNARLY MITTS: Although a great potential name for a rock bank... not so good in practice. A man's hands don't need to look pretty, but they should certainly be presentable. After all, your mitts are the first thing you offer a prospective boss or wife. To keep your hands looking good, get a professional or at-home manicure every now and then and use a hand moisturizer daily.

4. B.O.: When you just can’t blame the dog any longer, try a scented body wash or nice cologne. Also, don’t underestimate the power of a good deodorant or talcum-like powder for sensitive areas.


5. THE COMB OVER: Bald is always better than balding.  So if those follicles are leaving you, just take them all off.


6. NECK HAIR: You know that hair that accumulates on your neck in-between haircuts? Well, if there’s enough to braid, you might want to address it. Most barbers offer this service for a reasonable fee or one can grab a solid at-home trimmer to clean up this mess in private.


7. MISMATCHED COLOGNE: Cologne may smell great out of the bottle, but less than pleasant once put on your body. That's because everyone's body chemistry is unique and certain fragrances just don't fare well on certain people. Cologne isn't supposed to make you stink… so try it on and give yourself a whiff before you buy.  Here's a nice cologne primer from the good folks art Art Of Manliness.


8. BAD BREATH: If your breath has more kick than Bruce Lee, spend a little more time brushing (specifically your tongue). For additional help, give your mouthwash a solid 30-second gargle.

Any grooming gaffes we whiffed on?  Please let us know what we overlooked in the comments and we'll be certain to include in Volume II.

This article was written and appeared on Grooming Lounge and our Founder, Mike Gilman, were quoted a lot, so we borrowed the article. Giving them credit -- hope it's OK.

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