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5 Skin Care Products Every Man Should Be Using

Photo by Conor LaRocque

As our largest organ, the skin has a lot of things on its "plate." While doing its best to keep our internal organs internalized and helping us to look more presentable than a body without skin, it's also forced to endure the elements on a second-by-second basis.  And given recent runs of extreme heat and other environmental nonsense -- it might be time to rethink your grooming routine to ensure that dermis doesn't become an oily, peeling, aged-looking, damaged mess. Fight back against the elements with a set of thoughtfully constructed cleansing and replenishing products that'll keep you looking healthy and handsome.


Facial Scrubs

Exfoliating is an essential part of any skincare process because it removes the buildup of dead cells and skin. A good facial scrub will quickly cleanse the face of superficial impurities and increase the effectiveness of other products (for instance, it’ll make for a closer shave). Just use one a couple times a week to keep buildup at bay. Grooming Lounge Mug Scrubber Face Scrub is a dyno-mite option that leans on eco-friendly Jojoba beads to even skin tone and soothe without irritation or dryness.


Facial Masks

In the event skin requires a deeper clean (which all skin does every so often), strapping on a facial mask is the way to rock and roll. There’s quite a variety of great skin care masks out there — from ones that improve hydration, to others that combat acne and oiliness.  A top pick of ours is the Bright & Easy 3-Minute Flash Mask by Ursa Major, a gel-based mask that completes the regenerative process in less time. It’s fast, but not harsh.


Moisturizers (with SPF)

As long as the sun keeps doling out those harmful UV rays (and it doesn’t show any signs of stopping), it's essential to protect exposed epidermis. Even if  not out walking in the summer heat, a little SPF goes a long way, every day (yes, even when it's cloudy). So if you’re not one to lather up with sunscreen every time you step outside, reach for a handy moisturizer with the extra benefits of some sun protection. You can ward off the pesky UVs with a different kind of “U”: Urth Face Balm SPF 15. It’s portable, natural, and won’t leave you feeling greasy.


Eye Balms

Skin around a man's eyes is a special place where all sorts of unpleasant features meet and conspire to make you look worn-out -- we're talking wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles and beyond. So, men need something that offers special attention to this area’s unique structure. The acclaimed Brickell Restoring Eye Cream is an excellent choice for any guy. Including ingredients like caffeine and Hyaluronic acid, it's certain to help eye baggage check itself at the bathroom door.



The word “serum” even sounds potent, and potency is what you turn to when looking for serious results. Just as truth serum calls forth the most precious secrets, anti-aging serum purges deep-seated grime from your pores. But serum for skin won’t leave you feeling vulnerable. The Lab Series Future Rescue Serum is a powerful cleanser that also repairs and protects skin. Featuring a four-pronged approach, this serum employs Glycerin and Aloe Extract to reduce the physical signs of skin aging.

This article was written and appeared on Grooming Lounge and our Founder, Mike Gilman, were quoted a lot, so we borrowed the article. Giving them credit -- hope it's OK.

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