Season’s Groomings & Thank You

 Seasons Groomings & Thank You

Dear 25-50 Or So Blog Readers:

I wanted to personally thank you for helping to make 2016 a special year for our company.

The only way we can stay the number one destination for men’s grooming products, services and advice is with members like you – our faithful and always handsome community. Every member of the Grooming Lounge team works hard to earn your business and trust.

From our Grooming Experts & Concierges in our Barbershops & Spas that facilitate dozens of signature services every day…

To our online Customer Care team that helps men select the perfect product for every grooming challenge…

To our Distribution Center crew who work tirelessly to create packages that are exciting and elegant to open when delivered to your door…

To me, who writes a couple mediocre blog postings a month and should spend more time writing them and will in 2017…

Our team isn’t just dedicated to making another sale — we’re dedicated to making sure you have an incredible grooming experience from start to finish.

Thank you for continuing to choose us. It’s what makes us strive to spread the art of manly handsomeness every single year.

From our family here at Grooming Lounge, we wish you a very Happy Holidays. May you smell incredible, get the perfect shave and feel the confidence that you deserve. Thanks again.

Yours In Good Grooming,

Mike Gilman, Founder & The Entire Grooming Lounge Team

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I’ve Been Shaving Since I Was 9

It’s the holiday season and things are really busy around here.  Like zany busy.  That’s a good thing.

The downside is that I haven’t had a chance to blog to all 50 (51 if you include my mom) subscribers in way too long. Well, sorry to disappoint, but this blog is no winner.

Instead, it’s just a picture of me when I was 8 or 9 maybe — showcasing my early love of the grooming arts.  Still feel as passionate about getting a close shave and making sure our valued guests get the same.  That’s it.  A picture.  Happy Holidays and thanks for helping to keep our little company trucking along.  We really do appreciate your support.

Mike Gilman