We Need To Thank These People For Our New Web Site

Groominglounge.com was started out of my basement.  We invested about $3,000 into a Yahoo store and worked with ahusband and wife team out of Tampa, Florida to get it off the ground.  Our initial inventory only spanned about 30 products, the vast majority of which I believe were nose hair trimmers.

16 years later and with many iterations of the site in between, we just upgraded the site in a big way once again.  And of course, it’s our best version yet.  No B.S.  It’s really fantastic (or at least it’s getting there).

 We Need To Thank These People For Our New Web Site

So, from the time we started with the redesign until now (about a year in total), we’ve dealt with a lot of great individuals and companies to get the site where we wanted it to be — a site that provides our customers/guests with the finest online destination for getting the grooming products and advice they need to look more handsome and feel more confident.

The details of what makes Groominglounge.com v. 10.0 so great we’ll save for another post (we’re not here to brag — if it’s even brag-worthy yet), but here’s just a few people we want to thank:

  • Shakti and his team at e-layers (they work out of an undiclosed location) for coding their asses off.
  • Sue V., still our original web designer from the Yahoo days, for providing the initial mock-ups of the new site.
  • Mike L. & Jack R., our internal and awesome online experience team, for leading the charge and managing everything.
  • Al Gore, for creating the internet.
  • Damien & Amaya in Montenegro, for their assistance with all things Groominglounge.com, even though they’ve only recently become part of the team.
  • Our entire corporate office team, who were asked hundreds of times throughout the process — “how does this look?”
  • My wife and two sons, who gave the thumbs up and thumbs down on nearly every page of the site.
  • Most importantly, you, our valued customers/guests for keeping us in business.

So, if you haven’t seen it yet, please take a moment to check out the new site.  Here’s hoping you like it, but if for any reason you don’t or have suggestions, please e-mail me directly at mike@groominglounge.com and let me hear about it.


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The More The Candidates Lie, The More You Win (Grooming Stuff)

We’re Going To Treat Customers To Free Product If Sunday’s Debate is Filled with Untruths

 The More The Candidates Lie, The More You Win (Grooming Stuff)

As the country prepares for the Presidential Town Hall debate this Sunday, we want to reward customers for doing their civic duty and staying informed, no matter how uncomfortable the process.

So, if the candidates fudge the truth more than 10 times (based on False or Mostly False Ratings from Politifact.org) over the course of the debate, GroomingLounge.com will provide a free Grooming Lounge Super Powder to the first 100 customers to place an order on Monday.*

Super Powder is a light and fresh talcum powder designed to keep a person fresh, comfortable and dry. The formula effectively absorbs moisture and reduces friction from sweat – whether said sweat was brought on by anxiety over missing emails or excessive physical activity, like gesturing at a rally.

Customers just have to use the code PINOCCHIO to reap the savings and help make America a little more comfortable, no matter who gets elected.

Thanks for reading about this ridiculous promotion.

*Valid only for the first 100 orders placed on Monday, October 10, 2016. One per customer.


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Our Four Favorite Men’s Deodorants

Having to chose your favorite deodorant is kind of like having to chose your favorite child — except they’re deodorants and they don’t get offended, won’t have life-long complexes, won’t cry, etc.  So with that said, here’s a list of our top deodorants to fight body odor and sweat:

#1 Recipe For Men Anti-Perspirant Deodorant: Size doesn’t matter with this one because very little of this powerful, irritation-free stick is needed for superior sweat and odor protection. It’s an ultra-mild, alcohol-free roll on that’s perfect for sensitive pits. It absorbs quickly, providing wetness protection without blocking natural perspiration.

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#2 Jack Black Pit Boss Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant: Keeps sweat under control while smelling richly of fresh and clean goodness — sans any pit irritation. It has an nearly invisible carbon footprint as it’s paraben-free, vegan and dermatologist-tested. Plus… the name is just tons of fun to say.

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 #3 Billy Jealousy Funk Buddy #1: Funk-fighting deodorant smells crisp and clean while keeping odors and bacteria way at bay. It’s a stick that contains a slew of natural ingredients, including Sage Leaf, Cucumber, Bergamot and Witch Hazel.

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#4 Malin+Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant: Contains a cocktail of odor-neutralizing, yet gentle ingredients that leave underarms sweat, odor and irritation free. Eucalyptus is an organic antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent so it not only keeps bacteria away — but also calms skin with a soft warming sensation.

eucalyptus deodorant hi res Our Four Favorite Mens Deodorants

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