Not Sure If This Really Even Counts As A Blog Post

 screen shot 2016 08 02 at 120122 pm 9dd338d0 23a2 4902 bd01 9d6fe9dcefa9 Not Sure If This Really Even Counts As A Blog Post

This is a snippet that just ran in the latest issue of Men’s Journal.  We cut and pasted it right here to brag a bit.  We understand it’s not the most thoughtful blog post we’ve done, but hey, Men’s Journal is no joke folks and Mike’s mom will be proud.  Thanks.

Best Throwback: Grooming Lounge Light Horn Mach 3 Razor

What it is: This chunky, straight handle razor has a classic look with a modern twist, using the progressive Mach 3 blades for a close shave with less skin friction.

Why you want it: Designed by actual barbers, this razor keeps shaving simple. The thicker handle gives you a solid grip and the retro silhouette has the added benefit of dressing up your bathroom counter.

What the pro says: “I love the classic and slick look of the Light Horn design. It feels regal. We use Mach 3 razors for our shaves in our shops and clients love it. We like to say that the one blade is too little, and five blades takes off too much, but three is just right.” —Michael Gilman, founder of the

Where to get it: $80,

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