The Lowdown On Solutions For Down Below

When I was a young lad, I could only hope and dream that one day I’d have the pleasure of writing a blog post about how men can reduce the sweat that happens in their neither regions. Well, dreams do come true gents and here’s anything and everything you might need to know to keep things cool down below……………………………………………….

Miracle-working “privates” potions, commonly known as men’s powders, are an invaluable ally in the battle against moisture, chafing and the resulting discomfort and odor in a man’s nether-region. In recent years, these grooming stalwarts have advanced beyond what gramps used to slap on his boys and are now available in a variety of formulations that are effective for athletes and cubicle-dwellers alike.


The most traditional solution, talcum powders are what’s generally thought of when referencing men’s powders. They’ll keep a guy dry all day and quickly absorb moisture to prevent chafing. Plus, being the standard formula, they can be purchased in a variety of scents and consistencies.


Anyone who has ever cooked with cornstarch knows it’s great for thickening because it rapidly soaks up moisture. It works the same way on a man’s junk. Although it won’t keep you dry for as long as a talc powder, some men really enjoy the comfort gained via the friction-reducing properties of starch. And, for guys with talc allergies, it’s the only and most natural way to go.


Powders are now available in a variety of innovative forms. Dry Goods has pioneered a point-and-spray powder, which has all the performance of talc with none of the mess. Fresh Balls makes a one-of-a-kind gel that turns into a powder on contact for application that’s both mess and guess-free. These options are the best for those desiring a flake-free bathroom floor.

And as if Mom isn’t proud enough already, here’s  a quick video on the topic we created.


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Video Blog: Three Skincare Essentials For Men

For most men, following a solid skincare regimen ranks right up there with DVR-ing daily episodes of The View. But, when you tell these same gents that taking care of their skin can a) make them look younger b) make them feel more energized and awake and c) improve the quality of each and every shave — they start singing a different tune.  On that note, here’s a video from Grooming Lounge’s Men’s Skincare Expert, Claudia Duran, detailing the “must haves” for men’s skincare excellence. Grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy.

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The Latest Happenings At Grooming Lounge

We have a lot of good stuff going on here at Grooming Lounge and wanted to share with our readers exactly what that is.  But, since we’re so darn busy and opposed to reinventing the wheel, I decided the best way to communicate all that’s taking place is to post a new Media Release we’re about to send out.  It was already written and contains, in even better detail, all the stuff I was going to write in the blog.  So, pretend you’re in the media (put a pencil on top of your ear, wear a fedora or something) and read on if you wish…

    Grooming Lounge Announces First Franchise Barbershop, Online Continuity Program, Luxury Hotel Partnership and New Custom-Formulated Products

July 13, 2016, Washington D.C. – The world of men’s grooming is booming; sales for beard and mustache grooming products are on fire, dopp kits are a mainstay on holiday gift guides and male-specific body powders can be found in medicine cabinets across the country. Following this upward trend, many new businesses have sprouted to occupy this space in the past couple of years, but one has been leading the way with sustainable growth since before the word “metrosexual” even began being bandied about.  For over 13 years, Grooming Lounge has been the leading authority on grooming solutions for men — and is now expanding its business model, offering franchise opportunities throughout the nation, adding to its matrix of custom-formulated Grooming Lounge products, introducing products for use as hotel amenities and offering an online product continuity program.


After perfecting the industry-standard model for the modern upscale barbershop and men’s spa, Grooming Lounge is looking to spread its handsomeness mission worldwide via Grooming Lounge Franchising.  The first Grooming Lounge franchise will be in Dubai, UAE, and is due to open in 2017.

Having completed a down-to-the-detail “Operations Manual” and all the legal necessities required to promote a franchise offering, the company is looking for additional U.S. franchise partners. Ultimately, Grooming Lounge is looking to open an additional 15-20 stores across the country in viable markets, beginning with markets on the East Coast. Interested parties can inquire via the Grooming Lounge Franchise page.

“We’ve received inquiries for years from folks trying to bring the Grooming Lounge concept to their area.  We’re delighted to have all the pieces in place to allow them to do such,” said Grooming Lounge CEO and Founder Mike Gilman.


Grooming Lounge collaborated with the famed Mayflower Hotel, located just across the street from the DC flagship store, to create in-room amenities for all of the hotel’s guests.  Over its 80-year history, some of the world’s most influential celebrities have stayed and continue to stay at the Marriott managed property.  The hotel amenities will be in room this Fall 2016 and include: You Need Conditioner Everyday Hair Conditioner, The Best Shampoo Everyday Hair Shampoo, The Best Smeller Body Wash, Core Values Body Cleansing Bar, Mug Cleaner Face Bar and Moist Valuable All Over Moisturizer.


Already with a lineup of over a dozen of their own barber-created men’s grooming solutions (sold both via Grooming Lounge stores, and select retailers nationwide), Grooming Lounge is extending its product lineup aggressively with the addition of two new products in August 2016: Mug Scrubber (face wash) and Whisker Sauce (beard lotion).  These newest products join the recently launched Our Best Smeller (body wash), Super Powder (body powder), The Shavior (razor irritation fighter and Men’s Health 2016 Best Shaving Product) and Mug Moisturizer (everyday, oil-free moisturizer). All products will feature new branding positions and design as created in partnership with Purpose Built NYC, a branding and design firm in NYC. Original Grooming Lounge products will be updated to the new branding over the next 12 months.

Gilman stated, “Our brand has evolved over the years and this new look stays true to our heritage, while adding a bid of a modern flair.  You’ll start seeing a lot more of the company’s branding going in this direction and a lot more of our barber-tested solutions on the shelves.”


While there are now several men’s grooming upstarts that offer consumers automatic delivery of blades, has launched an even wider-reaching and more-convenient option.  The company has begun offering Recurring Handsomeness, continuity purchases on all products on its site.  So, instead of just getting to choose from limited branded products monthly, customers will now be able to select mix and match products from the best brands and the biggest selection in grooming and get them delivered to their door at the time intervals that work for them (2 weeks, one month, 3 months, etc.).

“Men are all about making it easy and what could be easier than getting all your grooming favorites delivered on a schedule – without having to lift a finger. The busy gentleman who wants the same shampoo, shaving cream and moisturizer delivered every six weeks will have his answer.” comments Gilman.

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The Body Wash Video You’ve Been Waiting For

We just completed creation of a bunch of grooming videos.  Some are instructional and some more informational.  All will be rolled out via our social media channels and site over the coming months with the goal of giving gents even more education on how to look and feel their best. But till then, here’s the first one we completed and it’s a product knowledge short about our new body wash, Grooming Lounge Our Best Smeller. Enjoy… it’s less than a minute and what else are you doing right now? Thanks for reading and watching.

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