This Makes Our Best Smeller Sound Pretty Enticing — Huh?

There’s a great story behind all the barber-created and barbershop-utilized Grooming Lounge Solutions we develop.  But perhaps, we haven’t been going back far enough in letting gents know each product’s history beyond Grooming Lounge.  That’s what we’re attempting to do now and the first item up is Grooming Lounge Our Best Smeller Body Wash.  We dare you not to try it after reading this…

 This Makes Our Best Smeller Sound Pretty Enticing    Huh?

Imagine for a moment, the courts of exotic eastern royals. The beautiful brightly colored rugs strewn on the floor. The heat of the sun blaring down in the jungles of India.

And a little plant that changed the world as we know it.

Peppercorn is taken for granted today. It’s a staple in our kitchens and it can be found in virtually every grocery store.

Yet, pepper was considered as precious as gold 4,000 years ago. Along the famous trading routes from India to Rome to Turkey to Asia and all the way to Germany, it was used as currency. Atilla the Hun paid part of the ransom fee for sacking Rome, in peppercorn.  When Christopher Columbus set sail for what we know today as America, he hoped to find gold — and peppercorn.

Thanks to its rich spicy scent peppercorn has been used in perfumes and incense for ages. The irresistible zesty scent of peppercorn was once reserved for only the royals, noble families, and religious sects.

Since Grooming Lounge is spearheading the renaissance of manliness movement — and it’s all about treating yourself like the man you are… it would be a crime if we didn’t include the currency of kings and gods for your everyday use.

Start your day with a refreshing, zesty, tingly Our Best Smeller Body Wash infused with the luscious scents of peppercorn. The guests at our iconic barbershops rave about it, our team members rave about it, and we’ve been told more than once that all it takes is a single use — and you’re addicted.

Did we mention that the people who matter most will love how you smell? That kingly, heavenly scent of Peppercorn has never wavered in popularity –and now it’s more enticing than ever.

Our Best Smeller isn’t some cheap body wash you pick up at your local drug store. In fact, this is a scent that few other men’s products dare to use. This is for the manliest of men.

Don’t settle for those poor-smelling body wash alternatives. You deserve to wake up and put a pep in your step and a crown of good-smelling allure around your body.

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HIllary Supporters Wouldn’t Shower For A Month To Ensure Victory

trump vs clinton HIllary Supporters Wouldnt Shower For A Month To Ensure Victory

Survey Reveals How Far Well-Groomed Men Will Go To Sacrifice Hygiene for Country

Clinton Voters Will Go the Extra Gross Yard To Keep Trump Out

With only one week to go till the election, Americans are tensing up with anxiety over who will occupy 1600 Pennsylvania come January. So Grooming Lounge (that’s us), the nation’s premier destination for men’s grooming solutions, released a survey to find out just how much Trump and Clinton supporters would allow their personal hygiene to suffer to ensure their candidate gets into the White House.

Given Grooming Lounge’s mission is to make men more handsome and instill confidence, the stakes were high and our valued guests were surprisingly willing to throw grooming out of the window in order to live in a country run by their pick.

Guests were asked how many days they would go without brushing their teeth, shaving, showering or trimming their nose hair to ensure victory. The study found one essential grooming habit neither Trump nor Clinton supporters could go long without – brushing their teeth! Clearly bad breath is a deal breaker.

Trump Supporters *

Shower – Avg. (9.3) and Median (5)

Shaving – Avg. (153) and Median (30)

Teeth – Avg. (5.25) and Median (2)

Nose Hair – Avg. (88) and Median (22)

Clinton Supporters *

Shower – Avg. (25.6) and Median (6)

Shaving – Avg. (187) and Median (200)

Teeth – Avg. (2.3) and Median (1.5)

Nose Hair – Avg. (91.85) and Median (30)

*Results based off of how many days of abstinence from each grooming routine to ensure victory

Shaving proved no big deal for either voter, but Clinton supporters were willing to go almost a full month – 25.6 days – without showering while Trump’s team averaged only 9.3 days!

After reviewing the survey results, Grooming Lounge believes Clinton supporters are more motivated to keep Trump out of the White House and will show up in droves on Election Day to ensure victory.

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Here’s An Internal E-Mail I Sent Out Today

We’re always trying to “up our game” at Grooming Lounge, whether in our stores, online or with our Grooming Lounge Solutions.  Anyway, today I was thinking about ways we could enhance the guest experience in our Grooming Lounge Luxury Barbershops and Spas even more and jotted down this little memo and sent it this out to the team in charge of our hospitality at both stores.

I have no problem sharing it with the world (or the six people + my mom who read this blog), as it’s all good stuff.  Let me know if you have any other good suggestions for our already excellent team.  Thanks.




RE:         10 Things You Can Do Today (& Tomorrow) To Make Our Business Better

  1. Smile:  Do it all the time, to yourselves and our guests and team.  It’s contagious… in a good way.
  2. Great Greetings: Guests walking in the front door should hear our famous “Welcome To The Grooming Lounge” within 5 seconds of the door opening.  Always keep an eye out and welcome them warmly to our home ASAP.
  3. Cleanliness: Make certain everything from every guest’s perspective is clean and “photo shoot” ready.  What does the front desk look like right now if you’re sitting in the lounge?  Good, OK, could it be better?
  4. Check In On Guests:  Whether a guest is in the Lounge or in a Barber Chair, it’s always a nice touch to check in with them during service (if appropriate) to see if they want a refill or have changed their mind on having a beverage.  It’s just nice to ask
  5. Remember Guests’ Names & Introduce Yourself:  Nothing wrong with introducing yourself to a guest and letting them know you’re around should they need anything.
  6. Give Out Compliments:  Guests who just got a haircut love to hear that “their hair looks great.”  Guests who just had a facial would love to hear “your skin looks great.”  Team members would love to hear “that haircut you just gave was great.”  Spread positivity.
  7. Merchandise: Always be on the alert to make sure those shelves are stacked with the grooming solutions guests need.  Make sure there’s nothing hiding in the cabinet when it could be on the shelf – a solution in the cabinet won’t find a home.  Also, everything facing forward, clean and lined up.  Same goes for the case too.
  8. Extra Love For Newbies:  Sure we treat everyone like a king, but new guests are our bread and butter.  We must, every time, get their information, make sure they know about our place and what we offer, get a great service or services and leave with a new guest bag full of treats (and explain what we’re giving them).
  9. Be Positive:  What’s the alternative?  We know what it is, but GL isn’t about that.
  10. Go Above & Beyond:  It feels good to give great service.  So, do something a little special for a guest or co-worker.

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We Need To Thank These People For Our New Web Site was started out of my basement.  We invested about $3,000 into a Yahoo store and worked with ahusband and wife team out of Tampa, Florida to get it off the ground.  Our initial inventory only spanned about 30 products, the vast majority of which I believe were nose hair trimmers.

16 years later and with many iterations of the site in between, we just upgraded the site in a big way once again.  And of course, it’s our best version yet.  No B.S.  It’s really fantastic (or at least it’s getting there).