Vie-Long Cachurro Horse Hair Shaving Brush - 4312




Vie-Long Cachurro Horse Hair Shaving Brush - 4312

Horse hair shaving brush boasts tons of style and value, making it an excellent addition to any wet shaving collection.
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Horse hair shaving brush has a stylish wooden and metal handle and is one of the best value brushes on the market. The hair on the brush is extra long so it keeps a superb lather and the thinner handle is perfect for getting a lather in deeper bowls and mugs also. The Cachurro brush uses about 50% hair from the horses mane and 50% hair from the horses tail. Handmade in Valencia, Spain, Vie-Long has been making the finest horse hair shaving brushes for over 70 years now. You simply can't say "nay" to this one.

Horse hair shaving brushes cost less than your typical badger brush, while still offering great water retention qualities with a slightly scratchier feel - which some gents prefer. These brushes have about the same softness to the tips as pure badger hair, but a little more stiffness to the shaft than pure badger hair. No horses are killed or harmed in any way during the collection of hair. The hair is taken only while the animals are being groomed. Shaving brushes should be thoroughly lathered and rinsed a few times before using on the face.

Height: 120mm
Loft: 60mm
Base: 60mm
Knot: 20mm
Hair: Horse hair
(Dimensions are approximations)

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