Tweezerman Ingrown Hair Splinter Tweezer

Ultra-sharp tweezer gets under skin with ease to remove almost anything with near-surgical accuracy.

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Tweezerman Special: Purchase this set of tweezers and get our award-winning Grooming Lounge Best Smeller Body Wash for 50% off!

Splinter and ingrown hairs don't stand a chance against this sucker. Premium tweezer uses its ultra-sharp tapered points to easily remove anything embedded under the skin. Made of stainless steel and of surgical quality, you'll feel like a doctor in your own home. Really smart to have one of these lying around in the medicine cabinet. Don't say we didn't warn you. To Use: For ingrown hairs, wash area with soap and water prior. Dip tweezer in alcohol to disinfect. Use a single tweezer-point to gently work the hair out from under the skin. Once the ingrown springs out, grab it firmly at the root with the two perfectly aligned tips and pull gently in the direction of hair growth. For splinters, clean the affected area with soap and water. Dip the tweezers in alcohol to sterilize. Use the needle points of the tweezer to grab the splinter and back it out gently. After splinter is removed, disinfect area with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. For proper care, clean tweezer after each use. Keep cap on, when not in use.

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