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They’re not going to make you spit out your milk or fall off your chair, but we recently created a few video ads about our Grooming Lounge products that are worthy of at least 45 seconds of your time.  Click down and around below to take in some low-budget takes on our high-quality Super Powder,…

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Get Suited and Booted With Kingsman: The Golden Circle

This weekend Secret Agent Eggsy is back to save the world in Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Get ready for some ramped up, super stylish spy action as the original cast, Colin Firth, Taron Egerton, Mark Strong and Edward Holcroft returns along with some major star power, Channing Tatum, Juliane Moore, Halle Berry, Pedro Pascal, Elton…

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Forget The RompHim And Man Up With DudeRobe

There have been a slew of some pretty questionable men’s style choices popping up on a social media as of late. If you’re not a man bun wearing, glitter beard bedazzled, RompHim kind of guy, we found the antidote. Meet DudeRobe. It’s pretty damn mantastic! It’s made of tough guy sweatshirt fabric on the outside…

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