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Put The Perfect Engagement Ring On Her Finger Without Paying An Arm and A Leg

Congratulations, you found the one! Are you ready to make it official? Before dropping to one knee, you’ll need an engagement ring. No, you’ll need THE engagement ring. Shopping for the perfect rock can be intimidating. Where do you start? Who do you trust? And how much should you really be spending? Educate yourself before visiting the jeweler so that you’re able to drop some basic diamond knowledge. We enlisted Lindsey Scoggins, engagement ring expert and Founder of Lindsey Scoggins Studio to help demystify the process.

Ask her what she likes.

“I think guys should know what their girlfriends want and not be afraid to ask them,” says Lindsey. And trust us, she’ll have an idea of what shape and style she likes. Find out if she’s hoping for a classic solitaire, vintage heirloom or modern custom design. And what about the band? Is her dream engagement ring done in gold or platinum? Having all this info along with her ring size will make for a smoother shopping experience.

Stick to your budget.

According to The Knot’s 2016 Real Weddings Study, Americans spent an average of $6,163. on their engagement rings. Lindsey suggests, “Determine what budget you feel comfortable with and stick to it. There are high-quality options in all price ranges. Just don’t choose a low-quality diamond for the sake of size. Because if you do and choose to upgrade down the line, you will have a much harder time finding a trade for your first diamond.”

Learn the four C’s, Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat.

Get to know this important engagement ring lingo not because it will make you sound like a jewelry expert, but because it will help you work on the price of your ring. According to Lindsey, “cut quality is always important and determines how sparkly the diamond is.” You don’t want to skimp on the cut. She adds, “Prioritizing color or clarity would depend on the shape the girl likes.” In other words, it may make sense to drop down the carat weight, color or clarity quality to create the most beautiful ring within your budget. Lindsey adds, “A GIA Certification is a must.”

Work with a jeweler you trust.

Yes, there are some reputable online jewelers and chain stores. But when it comes to spending a whole month’s salary, you’ll appreciate the personal attention. Lindsey agrees, “Working with a private jeweler ensures you get what you pay for. Since they don’t typically own inventory, they can source a diamond that’s right for you instead of pushing what they have. A private jeweler also manufactures each piece for the individual client instead of buying from a wholesaler. They oversee and refine every step of the process and guarantee the workmanship.” Learn more by heading to Lindsey Scoggins Studio, here.


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