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An Easy Guide To Choosing The Best Safety Razor For Every Shaving Situation

So you’ve decided to pull the trigger and start using a safety razor. Smart move. Get ready to experience a much closer and noticeably smoother shave. No, you don’t need a cartridge with multiple blades to get rid of your stubble. A safety razor allows you to knock down that beard with fewer passes resulting in less redness, bumps, and irritation. And you’ll be saving money to boot, as the replacement blades cost less than disposable cartridges. Really, there’s no catch. Sure, it will take a minute to master the straight strokes and proper pressure to apply when you first get started. That’s why it’s important to choose the best model safety razor for you. Every guy is unique with different skin, beard type, hand size, and budget. So we broke it down here with the best double-edge razors.

Best Bang For Your Buck: Vie-Long Double Edge Safety Razor

The Vie-Long Razor is perfect for guys who want to try out double-edge shaving without breaking the bank. Made in Spain, this simple, three-piece razor holds the blade steady as it passes over even the most stubborn beard hairs delivering a quality shave.

Why we like it: At $15, it’s priced just right for the guy who wants to give a double-edge shaving a try.


Best Beginner Razor: Parker Vintage Butterfly Safety Razor 99R

The 99R is excellent for safety razor newbies who want to ease into double-edge shaving. The height and length of the razor are aggressive enough to provide a comfortable shave without being too overwhelming for a first-timer.

Why we like it: The butterfly head makes it easier than ever to change out the blade. Simply twist the bottom to open the head of the razor and make the swap.


Best For Big Hands: Merkur 38C Long Handled Safety Razor

The bigger your hands are, the longer your razor’s handle should be. The 38C features an extra-long handle with a non-slip grip that fits comfortably in a man’s larger mitts. And, the better the razor feels in your hands, the easier and smoother the shave will be.

Why we like it: The Merkur 38C is well designed with an extra long handle for gents with big hands.


Best For Guys Who Just Want The Most Popular: Merkur 34C Heavy Classic Double-Edge Safety Razor

The Merkur 34C is short and portly with a closed comb making it well-suited for an ideal double-edge shave. It offers complete maneuverability which is why it’s one of the best selling safety razors on the market.

Why we like it: Got shaky hands? The added weight of this razor provides the right balance for a steady shave.



Best Adjustable Razor: Parker Variant Adjustable Razor

An adjustable razor works for any guy, no matter what their skill level. But it’s especially useful for the shaving veterans who are looking for more personalization from their safety razor. This model dials in your shave with five different settings to adjust the blade to any angle.

Why we like it: Multiple blade angles allow for a close customizable shave length.


Best Aggressive, Close Shave: Merkur 37C Slant Double Edge Safety Razor

This safety razor is intended for the man who has some double-edge shaving experience already under his belt. The 37C rests the blade at an angle for an aggressive, expert shave. Perfect for gents with thicker beards who are tired of constantly rinsing out their blade without removing much hair.

Why we like it: The Merkur 37C no-slip grip handle is one of the easier models to work with.

Best For Beard Lines: Merkur 907 Detailing Beard & Mustache Razor

This little razor is perfect for men who are particular about maintaining sculpted beard and mustache lines. It’s lighter and less bulky making it easier to use when cleaning up those tough-to-reach places like right under the nose.

Why we like it: The unique wedge-shaped razor allows you to see exactly where your blade is making contact with your face for a more precise shave.




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