The Soft Goat Scruff & Goatee Softener

Scruff and stubble softener smooths out prickly and itchy facial hair with just a few textured pad swipes.


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Ingenious stubble-softening tool smooths out scratchy and prickly facial hair with just a few easy swipes. Hypoallergenic textured pads keep the mug's facial foliage as smooth as a baby's bottom whether growing, trimming or simply shaving a beard. Perfect for 'staches and goatees too, a guy's better half might just be the biggest fan of all.

Size: 3 Pads
To Use: Place index and middle finger under strap and gently press against freshly trimmed face. Using a circular motion, proceed in a clockwise, then counter-clockwise motion against the hair for about 30 seconds. Wax-on, wax-off.

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