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1: How do I enroll in the Handsome Rewards Program?

To earn points, you must have or sign up for an account online. Points are tracked by your email address. We'll email you point’s updates and special offers from time to time so you don’t miss out. As soon as you accumulate enough points to earn a reward, you can use your points. Or, hold them to get bigger and better deals and prizes.

2: Where can I view my points balance?

Log into your account to view your balance. Please note it may take up to 24 hours after a purchase for new points to be added to your account.

3: I want to use a coupon but it doesn't seem to be working when I use my reward points?

That's right. If you use reward points, it can not be combined with any other promotional offer. So, in short, you can't use reward points and a coupon on top of that. Bummer, we know.

4: Can I use my points in your physical stores?

Sorry, points can only be used on our website, groominglounge.com.

5: Do my points ever expire?

Points do not expire if you are an active member of the Rewards Program. To qualify as an active member, you must have collected at least 1 point in the past 12 months. If your Rewards Account is inactive for 12 months, you will forfeit any unused points.

6: Can I transfer my points?

Feel free to transfer points to a friend, family member or even a total stranger if you want. They must have an account of course too.

7: I need to change my email address, what happens to my points?

If you change your email address, be sure to change it by going into your existing account. If you create a new account for the new email address, you'll want to email us. That way we can transfer your rewards points to the new account. .

8: When do my points become available?

Your points will be posted to your online account within 24 hours of purchase or review approval.

9: Is there a limit to the amount of points I can use in one purchase?

Nope. You can use your points all at one time. Of course, you might have some leftover points if you have more than what is needed for the deal or prize.

10: Will I ever lose points beyond using them for purchases?

Yes. In the event you return a product, points earned from the purchase will be withdrawn.

11: Will I lose points on exchanges?

No. Only fully returned, refunded products will remove points from your balance.

12: I wrote a review but I did not get any points, why not?

We love to hear feedback about how our products worked for you. Your review will be reviewed by our team and if approved, you will then receive your points. However, we reserve the right to delete and not approve reviews (and therefore get no points) at our own discretion if we feel they add no value, are derogatory or use foul language.

13: How do I Refer-a-Friend and when do I get the points?

Go to the "Referral Program" section in your account. Simply invite the friend you wish to invite by following the instructions. When your referred friend creates an account and places an order with us you will be notified by email and receive the 600 Referral Points. Boom.

14: How many times and how many points do I get for my social media actions?

You get a variety of points for spreading the GL gospel across social media and we appreciate it. For following us on Twitter you get 50 points. For Liking a product via Facebook or Tweeting about a product via Twitter you get 5 points each time, and can only do that 5 times max per day. If these activities are abused, we reserve the right to modify, suspend or cancel the points.