Task Essential New Time Serum

You want the youth? You can't handle the youth... unless you use this product to bring its appearance back.

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Revitalizing and restructuring cellular serum combines Peptides, Oxygen, Vitamin C and Edelweiss Extracts (who doesn't love EE's) to bring youth back to your mug. Peptides stimulate natural muscle contractions to minimize signs of aging. EE's protect against free radicals and pollutants and Vitamin C provides long-lasting hydration throughout the day. Comfortable and easy to use, it's not tacky or oily (unlike your sister's last boyfriend). Sinks in immediately and renews skin elasticity and natural radiance. Advanced airless package design maintains product potency and freshness. Paraben-free. Works well with Task's Skin Feed or Age Rescue.

Size: 1.05 oz.
Skin Type: All
Key Ingredients: Peptides, Edelweiss Extract & Vitamin C
To Use: Apply night and morning to face and neck after washing.

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