Supersmile Original Mint Toothpaste

Proven to whitens teeth noticeably within a few uses, it also freshens breath and fight cavities.

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From the authority on teeth-whitening solutions, toothpaste whitens chompers 273% (not making it up) better then mass market brands by removing surface stains left behind by coffee, tea, tobacco, red wine, etc. Dissolves the protein pellicle to which plaque, stain and bacteria attach without harmful bleaches or abrasives. Patented formula contains Calprox to whiten, baking soda for fresh breath and healthy gums and ADA recommended fluoride to prevent cavities. Helps create or maintain "pearly whites."

Size: 4.2 oz.
Key Ingredients: Calprox, Fluoride
To Use: Apply toothpaste to dry tooth brush, brush for two minutes and rinse.

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