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Every man needs a tried and true shaving cream. It’s not just an essential product for a man’s everyday grooming routine—it’s a go-to product that helps make the shaving process fast and simple. The best men’s shaving creams soften and lift up whiskers, while providing a lubricated path for razors to follow. The right brand of men’s shaving cream can be the difference between an OK and an amazing shaving experience. We've got top-quality facial shaving creams from brands like Jack Black, Malin+Goetz, The Art Of Shaving, Truefitt & Hill and more. Browse our collection of facial shaving creams below.

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  • Grooming Lounge "It Takes Two To Make A Shave Go Right" Set
      Grooming Lounge "It Takes Two To Make A Shave Go Right" Set

    Grooming Lounge shave duo couples face-favorites Beard Destroyer Shave Cream & Best For Last Aftershave to shave you lots of shaving pain and $6.


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Men's Shaving Creams

Shaving Cream and Shaving Soap Tips & Advice

Believe it or not, running a razor blade over your face can agitate skin – causing irritation, redness, ingrown hairs and breakouts. Men's shaving creams and soaps provide a lubricated surface for blades to glide across and add a layer of protection for your skin. A quality shave cream or soap sinks in beyond the top layer of skin to nourish and protect. We’ve outlined the main attributes of each below:

Shaving Cream:

• Thick, rich emulsions that protect the skin.

• Typically, not as effective lathering with a brush unless specifically designed for such.

• Apply a modest layer across your face and work in aggressively. If it’s not touching your skin (it's foamed up an inch off it), it’s not doing anything.

Our recommendation: Grooming Lounge Beard Destroyer Shave Cream

Shaving Soap:

• Comes as a block or a puck.

• Requires a brush and a bowl to lather up.

• For thicker soaps, increase lathering time.

• Provides a lubricated surface for the razor to glide.

Our recommendation: Truefitt & Hill Luxury Shave Soap

Creating A Lather

Learning the proper technique to lathering is key for getting the right thickness, without using too much.

• Place the shaving cream or soap into a shaving bowl.

• Wet your shave brush and shake off excess water so that it does not dilute the cream/soap.

• Work the product in a circular motion with the shave brush.

• Use the brush to apply the lather to your face, going with and against the grain to stand up whiskers.

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