Head Shaving

Comb-overs are awful. Bald is beautiful. It's low maintenance. Whatever the reason, Head Shaving keeps a noggin' clean.
Kent has been the premiere name in hairbrushes and combs for more than 200 years. Every Kent item goes through a 12-step procedure prior to inspection, including cutting, shaping, bristling, finishing and buffing. Made with only the highest-quality bristles, Kent holds the Royal Warrant for hairbrushes in the UK.

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Head Shaving Tips & Advice

Yeah, shaving your head can be a bummer. But you can’t keep a hat on 24/7 and there’s nothing worse than a comb over. The bald look has made a huge resurgence in popularity and if it’s your time to embrace a chrome dome, we’ve got the essential products. Studies have even shown that a lot of women prefer cleanly shaven heads on men. So if you're going the "take it all off route" -- try the Headblade ATX All-Terrian Razor, which literally rolls across your head for a super-smooth and pain-free head shave.

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