Shave Well Fog Free Shower Shave Mirror - Original

Simple, super easy-to-install shower shave mirror works exactly as promised and never succumbs to debilitating fog. Comes in three versions for all shaving needs. Take a hike, fog.


Ridiculously simple in design, yet incredibly effective and time-saving, shower shave mirror is just what a guy needs to take wet-shaving up a notch. Using an adhesive hook that attaches to any type of tile or wall surface, mirror isn't something that goes "bump" in the night -- and by not having to attach the mirror surface directly -- unit is super easy to remove and clean.

"Warm it up" by holding the mirror directly underneath hot streams of water for a few seconds and reflexive surface will retain the same temp as the hot air around it. Shazam! Fog is gone for good while a guy shaves or takes care of other personal issues.

Comes in three versions for all shaving needs: Original, Deluxe (33% bigger) and Travel.

The Original: 6" tall, 4" wide and 1/8" thick, with a convenient, mess-free adhesive hook mount.
Deluxe: At 33% larger than the standard mirror, it’s perfect for the guy that likes to see his whole mug when shaving (or wants to signal planes). A whopping 6.83” tall by 5.25” wide.
Travel: The same size as the original, but with a convenient and reliable suction cup attachment system. Great for the gym, on the road or anywhere you need a great shave on the go.

Dimensions: Original and Travel: 6" tall, 4" wide, 1/8" thick; Deluxe: 6.83” tall, 5.25 wide, 1/8” thick
Weight: 4 ounces.

How To Use the Mirror:

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