Recipe for Men Anti-Shine Moisturizer

Lightweight, energizing, matte-finishing moisturizer instantly absorbs and hydrates thirsty dermis, soaking up excess oil and reducing shine/reflections big-time.
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Shiny foreheads rejoice. Revolutionary, energizing moisture gel instantly absorbs and leaves a matte finish perfect for oily and combination skin. Lightweight and refreshing, moisturizer uses an ultra-fine powder to work its shine-reducing magic while botanicals like Black Tea and Bupleurum battle environmental damage to help reduce fine lines and increase skin elasticity. A small dose of caffeine also provides a nice wake-up call to thirsty, tired dermis. One-of-a-kind solution (there is no equal) keeps skin firm and young and is a must-have solution for gents with oily skin.

Size: 2.5 oz.
Skin Type: Oily or Combination
Key Ingredients: Black Tea, Bupleurum & Caffeine
To Use: Apply to a clean face before stepping out of the house in the morning and additionally as needed.

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