RazorPit Teneo Razor Sharpener - Black




RazorPit Teneo Razor Sharpener - Black

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The 'Pit 2.0 features a sturdier stand, sleeker look and the same great money (and face) saving material that made the first a bestseller. Keeps a single blade cartridge sharp for months.
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Now in a stylish white finish too, 'pit model uses the same great material as the original, making it a new-age strop that is well worth the time and price. Just a few strokes a day will extend the life of each blade up to 150 shaves, making expensive razor cartridge refills and dull-bladed shaving a thing of the past.

Taking five years of in-depth research to create and design, RazorPit was specifically designed to clean and sharpen all razor blades, even cartridge, disposable and double-edge varieties. Independent scientific tests have proven that the surface material efficiently removes organic material that accumulates on the edge of the blades--causing them to dull quickly and more moolah to be spent on fresh replacements. Eco-friendly too.

New model now features a form-fitting stand with three slots, one each for:

●Razor and handle (holds 'em in an upright position for quicker drying).
●Razor Sharpener Board
●Excess razor blade cartridges. Trust us, you won't be needing them for a while anyway.
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