RazoRock Don Marco Shaving Cream Soap

Hand-made Italian artisan shave soap provides an incredible lather and slick surface, while featuring an unforgettable scent of Citrus, Neroli and Bergamot.

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Handcrafted, Artisan formula from Italy pays tribute to the famous Italian chef, Don Marco, who’s passion for a quality, classic Italian shave led him to RazoRock. This traditional shave soap features a blended citrusy scent of Neroli and Bergamot with a unique ‘twang’, reminiscent of an early summer morning in Rome. The light, creamy formula is easy to lather and provides a thick layer of protection for the skin from the blade. Perfect to use with a brush for an old-school shaving experience.

Size: 5 oz.
Skin Type: All
Fragrance: Citrusy Neroli & Bergamot
To Use: Swirl a wet brush around the top of the soap, apply lather to a freshly cleansed and wet face and shave

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