RazoRock Classic Shaving Cream Soap

A true classic, top-shelf Italian shave soap with a sweet Almond and Marzipan scent has an uber-soft consistency for easy lathering with or without a brush.

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Handcrafted Italian, artisan shave soap brings an authentic Italian shaving experience directly to your bathroom. The all natural, vegan formula features a sweet Almond and Marzipan scent that refreshes and awakens the skin as it soaks in. The soft consistency makes it easy to whip into a lather and the soap provides a thicker layer of protection from the blade than most. Perfect to use with a brush for an old-school shaving experience. Sulfate & Paraben-Free.

Size: 4.2 oz.
Skin Type: All
Fragrance: Sweet Almond & Marzipan
To Use: Swirl a wet brush around the top of the soap, apply lather to a freshly cleansed and wet face and shave

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