RazoRock Signature Scent Aftershave Wax

100% natural, organic and handmade aftershave wax features a perfectly blended formula for do-it-all post shave relief.

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100% natural aftershave wax made entirely using organic materials perfectly balances the multitude of benefits gents require from an aftershave. The aftershave features a signature, citrusy scent, heals sensitive skin, utilizes antiseptic ingredients to kill bacteria that lead to razor burn and last but not least, improves the skin’s complexion. Razorock’s unique “cold-process” method for creating their aftershaves helps lock in 95% of the vitamins and nutrients in the formula that would otherwise be lost over time. Simply put, this do-it-all aftershave wax is equipped with top-quality ingredients for complete healing and soothing coverage. Handmade in Canada.

Size: 2.02 oz.
Skin Type: All
Fragrance: Citrusy Orange Blossom
To Use: Dab some cream on your finger and gently massage into your freshly shaved face. A little goes a long way

Endorsed By:

Orange Blossom Water, Grain Alcohol, Emulsifying Wax, Vegetable Glycerin, Essential Oils of Lavender, of Coriander, of Juniper, of Sandalwood, of Tangerine, of Patchouli, of Fir Needle and of Lemon.

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