Proraso Bloc Hyalin Alum Stone

Multi-purpose alum block soothes and calms skin after shaving and is also a great blood stopper. This just in -- it can be used to fight sweat too.


When the word block is used twice in a product’s name, you know it’s going to do just that. French-made alum block is a multi-purpose, anti-bacterial, skin-soothing delight. Use after shaving to instantly stop bleeding from nicks and cuts. Not only does it calm skin irritation, it even blocks unwanted smells by acting as a natural deodorant, utilizing mineral salt to naturally reduce perspiration. It’s a French connection you’ll be glad to make. And just a tip -- use on your face before your pits.

Size: 3.52 oz.
Key Ingredients: Mineral Salt
To Use: Wet block with cold water and gently apply to face where needed.

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