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Pete & Pedro Beard Oil

Most men love the idea of growing a beard... until they actually try growing one. Gents usually abort the process as they are unwilling to put up with the dryness, itchiness and scratchiness (and beard crumbs) that comes with growing out those facial follicles. Enter Pete & Pedro’s Beard Oil. This replenishing beard oil is formulated to absorb and hydrate quickly, penetrating even the thickest of beards without leaving behind an oily, greasy residue. Beard oil also works its way to the oft-ignored underlying skin, providing much-need hydration that will eliminate the beard flakes and itchiness caused by the dry roots of your beard. The oil allows for easy styling and leaves behind a subtle, fresh minty scent that’s very refreshing from up close.

Size: 2 oz.
Key Ingredients: Soybean Oil, Sweet Almond Oil & Peppermint Oil.
To Use: Apply a few drops to hands and rub together. Apply to beard, working in to skin and then out to the tips of beard growth