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Molton Brown Aromatic & Woody Christmas Cracker

A festive cracker packed with four of Molton Brown's famous body washes makes for the ultimate holiday gift or stocking stuffer.
Packaged in delicate tissue inside a festive cracker lies a surprise of four distinctive bath and shower gels, curated from the world’s most inspiring destinations. The perfect finish to his festive table setting or throw it in his sock for the ultimate stocking stuffer.

The Molton Brown Aromatic & Woody Christmas Cracker Includes 4 - 1.7 Oz. Bottles Of:

Molton Brown Re-Charge Black Pepper Bath & Shower Gel: Multi-award-winning body wash and the most popular of the famed Molton Brown Bath & Shower Gels, body cleanser boasts a spicy infusion that heightens senses and awakens energy banks when needed most. Packed with detoxifying black pepper oil, formulation helps boost circulation and leaves the skin feeling cleansed, warmed and ready for action. It's awesome and a site favorite.

Molton Brown Tobacco Absolute Bath & Shower Gel: Using a blend of citrus, leather, wood and tobacco notes, addicting body wash delivers an intoxicating scent that keeps the body clean and smelling amazing. Unique cleanser is an instant hit with gents and smells so good it might even surpass the legendary Black Pepper as the top-selling body wash from the famed Molton Brown collection. Don't be turned off by the name, this "tobacco" scent is outstanding.

Molton Brown Geranium Nefertum Bath & Shower Gel: Plunge yourself into the most mysterious, unconventional shower gel from Molton Brown's illustrious line. Deep cleansing, nutrient-rich wash has a fresh and subtle minty scent made from a smooth blend of Fig Leaf, Oakmoss Accord and Geranium. Soothes and awakens the senses, offering up the refreshing, uplifting feeling needed to start the day right

Molton Brown Russian Leather Bath & Shower Gel: The dark, woodsy scent of Siberian Pine Oil and Leather Accord stays true to the intense, enigmatic wilderness it derives from to deliver a supremely brute, macho body wash.