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Grooming Lounge Our Best Smelling Body Kit

Our best-smelling and most-comprehensive body care kit leaves men with a clean core, an unmatched aroma and a little extra money. Foursome of smell-enhancing and stench-decreasing products include a body wash, body scrub bar, deodorant and an all-over powder. Priced at just $55, valuable kit makes financial “scents” with a $23 savings.

Our Best Smelling Body Kit Includes Full Sizes Of:
• Our Best Smeller Body Wash 11 oz.
• Our Best Smeller Body Scrub Bar 7 oz.
• Super Powder Body Powder 4.8 oz.
• Greatest Pits Deodorant 2.5 oz.

Our Best Smeller Body Wash
A remarkable energizing and moisturizing wash that leaves the body seriously clean and cloaked in an unbeatable Black Pepper scent. Combination of take-notice aroma and ideal lather and cleansing quotient make it probably the #1 body wash on earth. Paraben and sulfate free.

Our Best Smeller Body Scrub Bar
Superb cleansing, moisturizing and lightly exfoliating body bar boasts an invigorating and unbeatable black pepper scent. Big enough to fracture a foot, scrub bar raises the bar, leaving everything it comes into contact with feeling clean, refreshed and a little extra confident. Features lots of lather, but no parabens, sulfates or other nasty stuff.

Super Powder
Light and fresh talcum powder keeps all of a man’s parts comfortable and dry. Barber-approved formula absorbs sweat, reduces friction and keeps odors away from chests, backs, shoes and sacks. A sweaty under-carriage’s best friend. Aluminum and alcohol free.

Greatest Pits Deodorant
Natural deodorant uses Eucalyptus to eliminate the bacteria that causes unwanted underarm odors. Free of aluminum and alcohol, fresh and cooling underarm warrior lasts all day and doesn't leave behind residue or stains on clothing. Smells fantastic and is perfect for sensitive skin.