Philips Norelco 7200 Vacuum Beardtrimmer Pro

Elite beard trimmer for guys who prefer to keep (some) scruff around, handy tool is one of the fastest and cleanest ways to go about maintaining any whisker formation.


Men mystified on how to get the perfect stubble beard or goatee need look no further. Via a contour following comb and "clear view" hair chamber, this single shave tool enables a precise and clean trim every time. Easily cared for, the razor head's short blades stay sharp and need no regular oiling. Gets its name from a unique "vacuum" system that captures clippings as they are laid to rest -- meaning no complaints from the roommate or significant other. Also features a slick multi-functional digital display for length settings and battery life, and a Turbo boost button for mowing down those thick patches. Results? Mess-free trimming on a crazy assortment of whisker lengths (20secured length settings... millimeters) and more time on the rest of the routine.

Offers corded and cordless use for more freedom and includes a dandy cleaning brush.

Length Settings: 20
Range: 0.5 mm through 10 mm
Approximate Battery Life: 80 minutes cordless use. Trimmer takes 1 hour to charge.

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