Parker Walnut & Chrome Handle Silver Tip Shave Brush & Stand

Genuine Silvertip badger hair shaving brush featuring a walnut and chrome handle provides premium style and quality.


Silvertip badger hair is often considered the best due to its density, softness and ability to hold large amounts of water for an incredible lather. Parker's Walnut & Chrome Handle Silver Tip Shave Brush is a rare combination of beauty and brawn. 100% Genuine Silvertip Badger Bristles easily lift whiskers while applying the lather, making it simple for any razor to mow down beard hair. The long, ergonomic handle was designed to make lathering in a deep shaving mug or bowl a breeze. Includes a sturdy stand that keeps the brush off the counter and dries bristles out in time for the next shave. Elevate your shaving game with this top-shelf brush.

Loft Height: 2.4 inches
Handle Height: 2.3 inches
Total Height: 4.7 inches
Knot Diameter: 20 mm

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