Parker SRW White Resin Handle Straight Razor

Stainless steel shaver is a barbershop-worthy straight razor without the hassle of honing or sharpening prior to every shave.



Barbershop-ready shavette straight razor blade provides great balance and weight and uses replaceable blades to eliminate all of the annoying and time-consuming maintenance of straight razor shaving. The Parker SRW Straight Razor sports a polished white acrylic handle and has a unique "clip to close" mechanism on the razor to keep the blade securely in place and perfectly aligned. Straight edge has a round exposure and accepts any single edge or ½ double edge blades.

Length: 5 3/4"
Razor Type: Straight
Weight: 1.7 oz.

This razor does not come with a blade to start. Check out the Sharp Stainless Steel Half Blades or pick up any other half double edge blade to get started.

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