Parker SR1 Cutthroat Straight Razor

Barbershop-quality straight razor combines the close-shave experience of a cutthroat with the added convenience of replaceable blades.



The Barbershop-grade Parker SR1 Cutthroat Straight Razor provides an amazingly close shave without having do any of the typically annoying sharpening maintenance. With a convenient snap-in system that uses half-blades instead of a traditional hollow-ground edge, tool is a great choice for the guy who has always wanted to use a straight razor without needing a sharpener or strop (if you even know what one is). The Parker SR1 is designed for barbershop use, the rounded edges minimize cuts and scrapes, while the stainless steel arm guarantees great shaves for years. Accepts any half-blade (or a double-edge blade snapped in half).

Length: 5 3/4"
Razor Type: Straight
Weight: 1.7 oz.

This razor does not come with a blade to start. Check out the Sharp Stainless Steel Half Blades or pick up any other half double edge blade to get started.

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