Parker Silvertip Travel Shave Brush - Black Handle

The King of Badger, Silvertip travel shave brush uses luxuriously soft bristles to exfoliate and soften skin while building up a comfortable lather for an amazing shave.



A man is going to shave for more than 20,000 minutes over his lifespan. That’s a lot. No, that’s really a lot. So, we’d recommend using the best tools at home or on the road to make shaving as seamless and enjoyable as possible .Enter an affordable luxury with the handmade black handle Silvertip Badger Travel Brush from Parker.

The best of the best, the Silvertip bristles from this brush are so soft we’d use them for a pillow (if we had really tiny heads). Using a shave brush helps whiskers to stand at attention so the razor can get underneath the hair without any ingrowns or infection. Plus, the incredible lathering of the cream with the soft bristles really helps dig the cream into the skin to provide a nice cushion of protection for a painless shave. Treat yourself right and grab this Silvertip… it’s worth every penny.

Brush comes with a lightweight storage/travel case and a nifty box for gifting.

• 100% Silvertip Badger Bristles
• Handmade 19mm brush knot
• Height: 3.25 in.
• Handle Height: 1.4 in.
• Handle Diameter: 1.2 in.

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