Parker 98R Ultra Heavyweight Long Handle Safety Razor

The "Big Bully" of safety razors, the 98R is a super heavyweight, long-handled razor that features amazing balance and control for an effortless and comfortable shave.



The "big bully" of safety razors, the Parker 98R is a long-handled, super heavy-duty, three-piece razor that incorporates the classic old-school shaving design with modern precision. Three-piece head design is the best way to ensure precise blade alignment that is critical when passing over beard hair. Perfect for large-handed fellas, the long, knurled handle is a gent’s best friend when trying to get a comfortable shave with wet and soapy hands. The added weight of the razor provides steady control during strokes as it easily plows through coarse beard hair. Comes with one blade to get started.

Handle Length: 4 1/3”
Weight: 4.3 oz.
Razor Type: Three-Piece
Comb: Closed

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