Parker 24C Chrome Handle Open Comb 3 Piece Safety Razor

Long-handled, open comb razor uses its hefty weight and close contact with skin to gently mow down even the thickest of beards.



The Parker 24C is an open comb razor (that means that the "teeth" of the guard are open, exposing more of the blade) providing the ultimate precision as the blade makes more direct contact with the skin for a smoother, more aggressive shave, with less irritating passes. This heavyweight, three-piece razor’s open-comb design also removes less shave cream with each stroke, protecting the skin and keeping it nourished throughout the shave. The knurled handle is reminiscent of the old dumbbells you kept in your parent’s basement and allows for superior grip during a wet shave. Perfect for beginners and experts alike, beautifully crafted razor provides an extremely smooth shave (hence it's nickname of the "Smooth Shaver" - how original) without being overly aggressive while being aggressive - which we can tell you firsthand isn't very easy to do. Comes with a free blade to get started.

Handle Length: 4"
Razor Type: Three-Piece
Weight: 3.3 oz.
Comb: Open

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