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Using Men's Face Masks


If you’re like most guys, you’d rather cover your face in pizza than put a “girly” facial mask on your skin. After all, you’re a man. Being rugged is what makes you attractive, right?

Well, I have bad news for you compadre. Rough, prematurely aging, and blemish-ridden skin just isn’t very attractive -- no matter how rugged you are.

Having unhealthy or blemished skin totally destroys your confidence. Surely, your peace of mind and focus is worth spending 20 minutes with a rejuvenating face mask on your skin.

Using a men’s facial mask can help you to achieve that simultaneously “rugged” and well-put-together look that you see the men of Hollywood, Capitol Hill, and Wall Street sporting.

How do we know? At our elite Barbershops we help men in power (and everyday blokes, like us) achieve healthy, glowing skin every day.

Here’s what our Grooming Experts had to say about how to incorporate facial masks into your everyday skincare regime:



That’s the million dollar question, Alex!

Honestly, it depends on the mask you’re using. There is a mask for just about anything you can shake a stick at. Reduce oily skindeep clean your pores, add extra moisture, tighten and “youthenize” the skin, improve skin texture, pump it full of nourishing and healing vitamins…

The best way to think about facial masks is like the superhero version of your favorite face cleansers, moisturizers, scrubs and toners. While your daily skincare tools are great for maintenance, there’s a lot of stuff that can cause buildup on the skin. And that build up generally requires a little more work to clear out.

For example, if you’re constantly exposed to harsh sunlight, you may find your face often peels. This can lead to a buildup of dead skin cells. And when those skin cells build up, it can cause possible blemishes.

Also, if you expose your facial skin to the sun frequently it can become weathered from the heat. Constant sun exposure can cause cell-level degeneration and damage. The best way to fight this, may be a mask that moisturizes and feeds antioxidants directly to the skin. Doing so helps to restore elasticity to your skin, fight wrinkles and age marks, and makes your skin more durable.

So, while skincare masks definitely indulge our vanity, they also help keep our skin healthy.

Keeping your skin healthy is a lot more important than you probably realize. Your skin is what stands between your nerves, veins, muscles and organs -- and the outside world. Imagine if you had nerves exposed all over your face. Every time the wind blew you’d feel it… And after a while, it would either cause you to go numb or be hypersensitive. Nerves were never meant to be exposed!

Your epidermis is the biggest organ on your body. And it’s an organ that is often taken for granted.

Thankfully, you’re on the path to treating your skin the way it deserves. In the process you’re going to become a healthier and much more confident person.

To summarize what facial masks can do for your skin:

Eliminate Bad Stuff In The Skin

  • Taming oiliness, especially in the "T-Zone" (nose to lower forehead) area by absorbing excess oils.
  • Deep cleaning dirt, grime, and dead skin cells out of your pores. This will help reduce skin breakouts and blemishes.
  • Tightening up large and open pores, so that they resist being clogged by dirt, grime, and oil. This will lead to less blemish-prone skin.

Give Your Skin The Good Stuff

  • Infusing moisture and oxygen to promote skin renewal and cell turnover.
  • Adding much-needed vitamins and antioxidants to different levels of the epidermis, which will help repair your skin and fight aging.
  • Improving blood circulation en route to a healthier-feeling and looking hide.


As mentioned previously, there’s a facial mask for almost any skin challenge you can imagine. Generally speaking, the menagerie of masks tend to fall into two categories:

Most masks are either made of a clay or a gel. Clay masks are typically used to deeply clean your skin and tighten your pores, while gel masks help infuse the skin with moisture, vitamins, and lots of other good stuff.

Some skin masks will dry and harden on your skin. Other masks will dry to a point, and then need to be peeled off. Certain masks won’t fully dry, and then work at the end as a facial scrub. And still others won’t dry very much at all; instead they set into the skin for a period of time before you gently rinse it off.

Make sure to check if your mask has cooling or heating properties. It can be a little terrifying if your skin unexpectedly begins to heat up or cool down. Also, knowing what to expect will help remind you to avoid the skin around your eyes. Believe us, getting a warming mask into your eyes can be like rubbing chili-infused dirt straight into your cornea. You don’t get tough-guy points for surviving a skincare mask accident.

The key here is to read the directions on the packaging of your chosen facial mask. Usually they’ll describe exactly what to do, what you’re going to feel, and the results you can expect to get.


Facial skin is delicate, and masks can be pretty powerful. Which is why it’s very important to follow the directions on your facial mask package. Here’s a general rundown of how to use most masks:

1. Clean your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water. You don’t want to apply skin products with oily or dirty fingers.

2. Clean your face with a gentle cleanser and warm water.

3. It’s a good idea to also take a warm wet hand towel, and lay it on your face for 5 minutes. The steam can open up your skin and pores, making the facial mask even more effective at deep-cleaning your epidermis.

4. Apply your mask generously to the facial skin and neck. Unless you’re specifically using an eye mask, it’s a good rule of thumb to avoid the eye area.

5. Let the facial mask sit on your skin for the prescribed amount of time on the packaging. Typically this will be no more than 10-20 minutes, or until the mask has dried on your skin.

6. Remember not to move your face around! Just relax, and use this moment to meditate or power nap.

7. With a (fresh) warm wet hand towel begin to gently remove the facial mask. We recommend you do this in small circular motions, rinsing the hand towel with warm water as you go.

8. Splash warm water on the face to get any remaining facial mask off of your skin.

9. Gently pat your skin dry with a soft dry towel.

10. Follow up with a good toner and moisturizer to complete the process.

While this is a great overview of the facial mask process, it’s always important that you read the directions that came with your facial mask.

There may be different ingredients, routines, tips, or exceptions that apply to your specifically chosen facial mask. To get the greatest benefit of this skincare routine, make sure you follow the directions that the product came with!


Here are some additional tips from our grooming experts, on utilizing facial masks to their greatest potential:

Don't Overdo It: Masks should be part of a solid grooming routine, but not a daily routine. Once to twice a week will do the trick, with oily gents leaning more toward a "double shot."

Moisturize: Most clay-based masks run the risk of drying out the skin, so it's critical to moisturize post-masking to restore PH balance and keep your skin healthy, vibrant and hydrated.

Be Patient: Most masks require 10-15 minutes of face time to stay on the mug and harden. The skin will and should feel tight as the mask absorbs the excess oil. Don't rush the treatment, it's not like a cleanser that you wash on/wash off. So clear your schedule for a bit to make sure you're not prematurely unmasking.

Get A Facial: If you've never had a professional skin care facial, it's highly recommended. Besides being super-relaxing, professional skincare treatments are fantastic for the mug's health. A professional Skin Care Expert can clean and revitalize pores with custom treatments that are suited perfectly to you! If you’re in Washington D.C. or Virginia, our grooming experts have you covered.

The health benefits of caring for your skin are nice, but nothing is better than feeling comfortable in your own skin. Adding a facial mask to your self-care routine will give your skin an extra boost during the week. In the long run this can add up to much healthier and younger-looking skin. It’s definitely worth 20 minutes of your time every week!

Don’t know what mask to try? Use the chat tool to confidentially talk with a Grooming Lounge grooming expert. We’re here to help you find the best solution for your skin challenges