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Practical Tips From Washington DC’s Iconic Barber Shop



When How You Look And Feel About Yourself Is Really Damn Important...


How Do America’s Most Powerful Men Get Rid of Embarrassing Ingrown Hairs & Painful Razor Burn?


Our Elite Barbers Share Their Proven Tips and Most Trusted Product, Used in Our Iconic Barbershop to Get Rid of Humiliating Ingrown Hairs and Ugly Razor Burn

 Tyson’s Corner Grooming Lounge Store - where men come to look and feel their best.

For over a decade, many of Washington DC’s elite have been coming to our iconic barbershop; Grooming Lounge. They come here because, these men, have to look their absolute best; and they trust us with their skin.

These men are elected officials, CEO’s, Big-Shot Lawyers, Doctors, Educators; men whose career demands that they walk in absolute confidence and sense of self-worth. Everything from their hair cut to their choice of leather loafer - matters to them.

How people see them and how people feel about them - matters.

For these men, to go out into the world looking sloppy or ill-kept could really cost them.

And these men - are busy. They need their skin to look great without having to slog through a time-consuming 12-step face regimen every morning.

They need to shower, shave and get out there to live their life.

What they don’t need, are embarrassing ingrown hairs on their chin or neck. They don’t need razor-burn that leaves their skin looking as if it were washed with rocks and sand.

We’ve been making men look their absolute best over the past decade. Our barbers and skin care experts here at Grooming Lounge have mastered all the essential and “in demand” grooming skills and techniques. This superior standard of service and care is something our upper-class clientele have come to depend on.

And one of the most frequent questions we get asked in our Washington, DC shop is....



“What are the most reliable techniques we use to keep our important guests free from Painful & Embarrassing Ingrown Hairs and Ugly Razor Burn?”

Ingrown hairs can be terribly painful and embarrassing! Learn how to prevent and get rid of them fast!

If you’re reading this article, then you most certainly know what we are talking about...

The big red bump, right on the edge of your jaw...the itchy rash of bumps on your neck...

A tell-tale ingrown hair... or razor burn... or a blemish... No matter what, it’s always as red and visible as Rudolph’s nose. And it even seems to light up like a bulb, too – sending a signal to everyone around you to look directly at the unsightly thing on your face.

For the rest of the day you try to forget about and ignore that itchy, angry, bright red bump everyone keeps staring at. But no matter how hard you try, it’s in the forefront of your consciousness, eating away at your confidence and style.

And it feels hopeless, because you think you did everything right! How in the world can you possibly prevent something like this from happening?

Keep reading because we can help you with this...but first, you have to understand where ingrown hairs come from in order to prevent them...


What Are These Awful Red Sores on My Face?!


It could be razor burn (irritation from your razor), a blemish or a dreaded ingrown hair. Out of the bunch, ingrown hairs are the most frequent and misunderstood of shaving frustrations.

A lot of people mistake ingrown hairs for pimples. But chances are, if the bump occurs after you’ve shaved (or in frequent places where you shave), it’s actually an ingrown hair.

So what the heck are ingrown hairs?


Ingrown Hairs are Actually Skin Wounds

Ingrown hairs cause inflammation, redness, itchiness... and irritation...on so many levels

Ingrown hairs are baby hairs that are trying to break the surface of the skin -- but somehow they just don’t make it. Instead, they push just under the skin, curl inward, and begin growing down back into the epidermis (other layers of the skin). This causes inflammation, redness, itchiness... and irritation...on so many levels!

Now, sometimes this “curling back” happens when there is dead skin, oil, or dirt clogging the pores of your skin, creating a blockage to the pore your hair would normally grow from.

Sometimes ingrown hairs occur simply because your body and/or facial hair is curly. If you have curly hair that you shave close to the skin, it actually sharpens the end of the hair. Then when it tries to break through, it pierces the skin. This causes real irritation -- even if the hair makes it through the pore, it’s going to be red and sensitive, like a small wound.

Lastly, you can get an ingrown hair if you haven’t exfoliated and moisturized your skin properly. If your skin is dry, your pores will be open, but tight -- kind of like tiny, shallow craters. The hair will have a hard time making it through the pore gently, and instead can cause irritation when it bursts through.

It’s also hard to get the dirt and blockages out of dry, tight skin. As for oily skin, it’s usually clogged with oil. Even if the hair makes it through, the oil can attract dirt, and cause serious blockages around the root of the hair. Again, more irritation.

So what can you do to make this embarrassing painful situation go away (or prevent it in the first place)?


Our Expert Barbers Share Their 4 Best Tips And Most Trusted Product (Used Daily in our Barbershop) For Getting Rid of Ingrown Hairs & Razor Burn, Fast


Simple Tip 1: First, you need to clean your skin daily. Something gentle that won’t completely strip your skin of the healthy oils that it needs is best
Simple Tip 2: Once or twice a week you need to gently exfoliate your skin. Exfoliators should have tiny beads that help to stimulate and massage the skin -- releasing what is stuck in pores, and sloughing off dead skin. We have found that it’s best to do this at a time when you are not shaving (usually a bit after you shave is best) -- because shaving itself can be a light exfoliator. Following up with a good exfoliating scrub can help get rid of any excess dead skin that might be left from shaving. Be careful about how often you do this, as exfoliating too much can dry out and irritate the skin.
Simple Tip 3: After you wash or exfoliate the skin with a cleanser, you need to follow up with a light moisturizer. It should sink into your skin, leaving it feeling soft but not oily.
Simple Tip 4: When you shave, shave in the direction that your hair grows. Yes, it may take more time to get that wonderful close shave you crave. However, when you shave against the grain it can cause the hair to grow back in sideways -- which also creates those painful ingrown hairs.


Another great tip is to make sure you have a sharp, fresh razor. When you shave with a dull razor you are creating a dull cut to the hair. This can cause the hair to have a hard time breaking the skin when it regrows -- which causes ingrown hairs. Also, if you use an old razor it has tons of bacteria, oil, and dead skin on the blades... which is a recipe for creating blockages for the pores.


Simple & Safe Salvation From Ever Having Humiliating Ingrown Hairs & Painful Razor Burn Again

The Exact Preventative We Trust and Use Every Day in our Washington, DC Barber Shop With Our Elite Guests


The Shavior not only helps to soothe and treat irritated skin, but the primary active ingredients were hand selected as master multi-taskers.
 We have found that most of our clientele need a preventive treatment that helps prevent new bumps and ingrown hairs from forming, while soothing and treating the bumps they already have.

They need something that is easy to use and just works as advertised.

For the longest time we couldn’t find a product that could do that. One that wouldn’t dry out the skin, create breakouts, or cause the hair to become brittle.

So the grooming experts and fellas here at the Grooming Lounge put our heads together and called on our decades worth of combined experience to create our own solution. It does the trick with just a little bit of "bite."

We call it The Shavior.

The Shavior is a proprietary blend of ingredients that we painstakingly tested in our own barbershops on ourselves, until we got the mix just right.

And it paid off!

We really outdid ourselves -- and we’re not just saying that. The Shavior is one of our top sellers, and it recently won the Men’s Health 2016 Men’s Grooming Award. Here’s why people are raving about it:



Men’s Health 2016 Men’s Grooming Award


4 Superstar Ingredients... The Science Behind The Shavior’s Powerful Ability to Prevent Ingrown Hairs & Razor Burn


The Shavior not only helps to soothe and treat irritated skin, but the primary active ingredients were hand selected as master multi-taskers. Because what dude wants to put a million potions on their face? We don’t -- and we’re sure you’d like to simplify your grooming process and save some money too.

Which is why The Shavior has a superstar ingredient lineup that includes:

Superstar Ingredient 1: Glycolic Acid – regenerates collagen, evens skin tone, and thickens the epidermis and dermis (important layers of the skin). This makes your skin less likely to break out, more likely to recover from harsh treatment and weather damage, and even changes the structure of skin to be healthier and hardier.





Superstar Ingredient 2: Allantoin – a long time ingredient in anti-aging products that helps to soften and actively soothe the skin. It further protects your skin by stimulating cell regeneration–which in turn helps your skin heal at an accelerated rate.


Superstar Ingredient 3: Chamomile – has incredible anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antibacterial, antioxidant, and antiseptic properties. Chamomile is known to soothe and repair skin not only at the surface level, but also at a deep cellular level. Because it is antioxidant-rich, it can help reduce and eliminate acne inflammation, breakouts of all sorts, and even fade scars.
Superstar Ingredient 4: Bisabolol – a very concentrated derivative of chamomile, bisabolol helps enhance and extend the powerful skin rejuvenating properties of Chamomile and much more. It helps you deeply absorb all the other great ingredients and nutrients you put on your skin. This means The Shavior isn’t gonna sit, glistening, on the top layer of your skin. It’s going to soak right in and get the job done. Second, bisabolol is known to tame inflammation, including itching and redness. Lastly, bisabolol helps fade fine lines and reduce hyperpigmentation. In turn, this leaves your skin looking young and fresh because it reduces the signs of aging such as wrinkles, age spots, and unsightly scars.

This means that the Shavior helps you...

Treat and eliminate acne
Soothe and eliminate red, itchy razor burn
Better retain moisture for healthier pores to reduce ingrown hairs
Slow and diminish the signs of aging
Create overall healthier, hardier skin
Visibly reduce redness and swelling of skin impurities and irritants
Shaving doesn’t have to be a source of anxiety and embarrassment.

The longer you use The Shavior, the healthier your skin becomes. This makes shaving easier!

And of course, if you have something unsightly pop up and surprise you (such as razor burn, ingrown hairs or acne), The Shavior can help soothe and eliminate them.

With the Shavior, all your shaving and skin needs are covered. Which is why it’s a Grooming Lounge best sellerand recipient of the esteemed Men’s Health 2016 Men’s Grooming Award.

Make shaving easy again!

Go grab a bottle of The Shavior and join thousands of other believers.