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Summer Hair Trends

Grooming Lounge, the nation’s premiere men’s barbershop, salon and spa, is forecasting a surprising trend for men’s hair this summer.  When it comes to what’s en vogue, everything is cyclical, and it seems men’s hair fashion is due to revisit the late 80s.  That’s right; Grooming Lounge is predicting the ‘business in the front, party in the back’ style made famous by the likes of Billy Ray Cyrus will make a triumphant return.
This on-the-cusp trend is a definitive departure from men’s grooming trends of late. After years of emphasis on short hairstyles, it seems a lot of men are itching to show off their locks, while still maintaining oft-groomed profile.

According to Grooming Lounge Founder Mike Gilman, “One of the great things about this trend is that FINALLY, balding guys can join in the fun! The trend works regardless of how much hair you have on top - a la Michael Bolton. It’s going to be an awesome summer and I’m letting my locks grow out in back right now to get ready for it.”
START SLOW: You don’t have to have long hair already to get this look by summer. Achieve John Travolta’s iconic cut in just a couple of months by asking your barber to trim only the top of your head at your next few visits.

PERMS ARE YOUR FRIEND: When rocking this trend, remember, the more bouffant the better. Grooming Lounge will be introducing perm services starting at $85 depending on length. See David Hasselhoff, Jerry Seinfeld and Mario Lopez for inspiration.

STOCK UP ON PRODUCTS: Grooming Lounge is introducing THE STAYMOS, a new maximum hold hair spray designed to coif unruly strands.

MAINTENANCE IS KEY: Long hair in the back can be cumbersome for athletes, so Grooming Lounge will soon open a “Braiding Bar” for on-the-go braiding for busy men.