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The 7 Do's & Don'ts For Good Hair


We spent time with Ann Shim, Grooming Lounge's Director of Education and one of the best men's hairstylists/barbers in the country, to find out what gents should and shouldn't be doing to achieve their best possible hair. Here's what she had to say.



  1. FIND THE RIGHT CUTTER: Find a superstar to cut your hair regularly. Someone who cuts and styles with your lifestyle, maintenance capabilities and overall look in mind.
  2. USE QUALITY PRODUCTS: Of course you’ll pay a bit more, but higher-end products will help achieve a better look and leave hair healthier in the long term.
  3. YES… YOU NEED CONDITIONER: Conditioners will lock in the moisture hair needs and keep strands looking better long term.
  4. BALD IS BETTER THAN BALDING: If you’re really thinning, take it short or take it all off. Comb-overs look much worse than nothing.
  5. WASH HAIR DAILY: If you use a good shampoo to cleanse hair, there won’t be any stripping or drying. What there will be is elimination of all the junk you don’t want in there.
  6. IF YOU GO WITH COLOR – GO WITH A PRO: If you ever decide to get some hair color or even just want to cover grey, let a pro do it. The at-home route will leave more than just your hair jacked up. Then, pick up a color-safe shampoo so that the dye does not run. 
  7. USE YOUR FINGERS AS A COMB: Using your fingers is less stressful to the hair than using a comb – and if you’re using a conditioner (as suggested) – tangles shouldn’t be an issue.



  1. OVERUSE PRODUCT: Less is more with styling products and too much will stay in the hair much longer than you’d like. A finger dab is all that’s usually required.
  2. USE BAR SOAPS ON HAIR: Bar soaps are too harsh for your precious strands and will leave your lid dry and full of residue.
  3. TURN UP THE HEAT: If you have to use a dryer to get hair dry in the morning, take it easy with the heat settings. Too much heat will leave hair dry and brittle.
  4. WAIT TOO LONG BETWEEN HAIRCUTS: Even if you’re growing hair out, it’s important to get a cut to clean up split ends, damaged hair and other nonsense.
  5. SMOKE: Cigs will dry hair out, make it stink and increases the chances of breakage.
  6. EAT JUNK: Just like your body, your hair needs good stuff to look and feel good. Try stuff with anti-oxidants, nutrient-rich veggies and fatty fish.
  7. SWIM TOO MUCH WITHOUT CLEANSING: If you’re a Phelps-type, you need to clean your hair with a shampoo that can remove lots of chlorine and balance things out.