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Tips + Tools For Self Tanning


If you’re interested in getting a tan, but don’t have vacation time or the patience for sitting out in the heat, a self tanner is probably the way to go. Quality self tanners can provide a toned-down George Hamilton look, while helping guys avoid harmful rays and the dreaded Casper look.







Before applying the chosen tanning product, it’s essential to create a clean palette to work with. That means cleansing the to-be-tanned areas (could be just face, neck and arms or the whole body) to remove impurities and ensure a balanced and natural look.

  • Cleanse the face with a targeted face wash or gentle scrub.
  • Remove body gunk with the help of a quality body exfoliator. Exfoliate all the nooks and hard-to-reach places. A body or back brush can be very helpful.
  • If planning on shaving that day, do so before applying the self-tanner to the face.

2. APPLY :

Any self-tanner worth its weight will have clear instructions on the box. Follow those closely. Regardless of the individual product selection, it is essential to remember that “less is more,” especially when applying to the facial region. More tanner can always be applied later if needed. Other keys to note during application include:

  • If applying in the bathroom, make certain to minimize or “wait out” post-shower steam or sweat on the body, both of which can throw off application.
  • Massage the product evenly and in a smooth, circular motion, making sure to avoid eyelids and ears within the facial zone.
  • Make certain to apply to those areas that would be ultra-visible should one miss. These include (depending on how broad you’re going), the back of the neck, the torso, elbows, knees, ankles and feet.
  • During application, palms should not go more than five minutes without being washed and scrubbed. Failure to do so will result in tan palms, clear “fake bake” give-a-way.
  • Self tanners often leave skin looking a bit orange right after application, but quickly move toward a more natural looking tone as time elapses.

3. POST :

Don’t rush off to put your clothes on after bronzing. Give it at least 20 before suiting up.

  • Right away, scrub your nails, palms and fingernails to clear any residue that may reside in those areas.
  • After tanner has set in, apply some moisturizing lotion to splotchy areas.
  • Moisturize skin the following mornings to extend the life of the tan. Such tans usually last about a week and additional applications usually occur in a 4-6 day span.