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Don't fool yourself into thinking you don't have stray hairs somewhere. To snuff out and remove sneaky follicles, push that nose side to side, flip those ears forward, etc.





Eyebrows are generally referred to in the plural because men are supposed to have two. So, for those unlucky owners of a continuous unibrow, it’s time to do some division. Such division should be done by removing the bridge that connects the left and right eyebrows, no matter how thin or dense that thatch may be.

  • Amount Of Space: The amount of space between eyebrows should be roughly the width of a thumbprint. That’s right, we’re saying you should stand in front of a mirror and press your thumb in the area above your schnoz. If the thumb hits any hair… keep reading.
  • How To Remove: To remove unwanted hairs, use a quality tweezer to grasp hairs at their base and pull in the direction of hair growth. Pull quickly, but with exactness, making certain to not leave any stragglers behind. A longer-term solution is to use an at-home waxing kit or to visit a reputable spa.

While not as offensive as the unibrow, excess eyebrow fuzziness is certainly a faux pas worthy of addressing. Such fur needs to be trimmed down to size on an ongoing basis, and such trimming can be done easily with proper facial scissors (just clip the outlying stragglers while looking in the mirror) or a lot of tweezer plucking around the edges. A salon or spa is also an option for a professional trimming.


If your nose looks like a party favor when you sneeze, immediate nose hair removal is a priority. To eliminate unsightly hairs that extend below the nostril:

  • Use A Targeted Trimmer: Be it electric or manual, a targeted nose hair trimmer should be used weekly to clear excess brush. Simply push that sucker into each nostril and work it around the edges until trimming is complete. Make certain to brush or rinse clean said nose cleaning tool after each use. There will always be some hair that remains inside the beak, and as long as it’s not visible to anyone other than Verne Troyer, all is good.
  • Blunt: If feeling a little daring, remove excess hair with a pair of blunt-end scissors. This method requires a bit more carefulness, but can be safe and effective when manipulating the nose diagonally and only trimming those protruding follicles.


The silent killer, most men aren’t even aware when they have it. Whether around the lobe or inside the ear, it’s simply gotta’ go. A guy’s best bet for removal is to purchase a quality trimmer and run it around the top and inside of those flappers. Then, carefully use a cotton swab to get trimmed strands out of there. Now ear this!