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“Humiliating Confessions of an Entrepreneur with Phobias of Smelling Bad and Feeling Sticky”

The 4 Must-Have “Sexy” Ingredients Found in the Best Smelling and Most Refreshing Body Washes - Including One Ingredient That Has Been Used as Actual Currency Between Kings and Royal Families

Confession Time...for as long as I can remember, I have always been afraid of stinking. I don’t know where my fear of smelling bad came from, but it’s controlled my life for as far back as I can remember.

Humiliating Confession #1: I’m the guy who won’t leave the house unless I feel absolutely clean.

Humiliating Confession #2: I can’t have sex unless I’ve showered first (and I have to rinse off within minutes of finishing).

Humiliating Confession #3: Growing up, I would use so much deodorant that it would permanently damage all of my shirts.

Humiliating Confession #4: Any time I am in a group of people and someone comments on a bad smell in the area, a mild panic hits and my heart starts racing...Is it ME?

Humiliating Confession #5: For my 6th grade graduation, my girlfriend wouldn’t dance with me. You know why? Because in my paranoia of smelling bad, I had poured so much Drakar on me that she didn’t want to touch me. My cologne was so thick it made her eyes water.



 For Me, How I Smell to Others Represents Who I Am, As a Person

                                                   Confidence and smelling great go hand in hand!

For me, smelling good and feeling clean isn’t simply a pleasant experience. It’s a must if I am going to be social. It helps me feel safe and confident.

To smell great is a reflection that I am a great person. To feel clean means I take care of myself and my life.

I don’t like to wear a lot of cologne, either. (Maybe it has something to do with that 6th grade dance.) Personally, I prefer the scent coming off of me to be light; a secret whispered only to those close enough to me to matter.

And I can’t stand residue of any kind left from a body wash. Tacky, sticky, overpowering smells... All of these will trigger my phobia and have me running for the shower.


The Risks of Choosing the Wrong Body Wash

I am an entrepreneur with very little spare time. And on top of that I’m not a fan of crowds - so I like to order my personal grooming supplies online. Which usually works out fairly well. I already know what types of shampoo and conditioner I prefer, so staying stocked is simple.

But ordering a new body wash online comes with risks...

  • What if it dries out my skin?
  • What if it makes my skin too oily and causes breakouts?
  • What if the odor is too strong or too flowery?

Over the years I have tried countless body washes. Some bought from local drug stores, others ordered from expensive boutiques while traveling across Europe.

I’ve tried just about everything.

Most of the body washes I tried, I ended up hating and throwing out.

Being Smart: Analyzing My Favorite Body Washes Looking For their Secrets

One day I decided to be smart and analyze my absolute favorite body washes and look for similarities; clues as to what made them so enjoyable for me.

And I found something really interesting...

Out of my favorite body washes, the ones that left me feeling really clean and my skin smooth and vibrant - as well as got the most compliments from the people in my life that really mattered - I noticed a few select ingredients that kept popping up...


After Years of Trial and Error... Here Are My 4 Essential Ingredients, that I Personally Look for, When Choosing an Exciting New Body Wash

There are dozens of different criteria someone can judge a new body wash by. Everyone looks for something a little different.

Because of my phobia I have a set of criteria that I find a lot of other guys share as well. Some of these may also be important to you.

Any body wash I choose has to:

  • Wash off clean. I can’t handle residue of any kind!
  • Has to be good for my skin. No drying me out and nothing too oily.
  • Helps fight the adverse effects of aging–I want my skin to look smooth and young!
  • Has to leave a nice, light, manly smell without smelling like I swam in a pool of it.
  • Doesn’t overpower the room with its scent –I want only the people closest to me to have a clue about what I smell like.
  • In my pursuit of the perfect body wash that meets all of my criteria, I’ve found that you want to hunt for these 4 specific ingredients:


Best Body Wash Super Ingredient 1: Laminaria Japonica
You might know this ingredient by it’s bland street name: seaweed. Yep, on the surface it’s not a very sexy plant, but it sure has some sexy benefits when found in a great body wash. Laminaria Japonica is a fantastic moisturizer and medical tests have shown that it actually feeds nutrients to your skin. Having seaweed in a body wash means that with every use you are reversing any previous dryness and itchiness by naturally restoring your skin’s proper balance of moisture.

Your skin becomes smooth, soft and supple and the effect lasts for hours after a single wash.

So if you’re planning on being touched, kissed or rubbed up against, you want Laminaria Japonica in your body wash; trust me.

Have acne or red painful pimples anywhere on your body? That’s because you have a form of inflammation floating freely in your blood stream. It also means you have bacteria growing on your skin.

Wanna have a body wash that can actually treat those embarrassing pimples? Find something with Laminaria Japonica. It will soothe the inflammation and go a long way towards clearing those pimples up.



Best Body Wash Super Ingredient 2: Aloe Vera
The ancient Egyptians called this little gem the “plant of immortality.” There’s a reason Aloe is in everything from health drinks to dishwashing detergent. The Aloe Vera plant is one of nature’s great moisturizers because it does it’s job so damn well.

Aloe has a unique ability to really get in deep and soothe and moisturize your skin, without feeling greasy.

And for me, Aloe saved my summer after swimming nude all day on a beautiful Croatian beach last year. But that’s another story entirely.

In scientific studies, Aloe Vera has been proven to be a wonderful gift in the treating of dry and flaky skin. It can help heal cuts from shaving (without leaving scars) and thanks to a natural hormone called Gibberellins - is incredible at reducing skin-inflammation and pain (like my awful sunburn).

So if you suffer with psoriasis, acne and eczema - DEMAND that your body wash has Aloe Vera.

Oh yeah, and if you have oily skin issues, Aloe Vera won’t make you more oily. So put it on your list!


Best Body Wash Super Ingredient 3: Acai Berry
You may have heard of the Acai Berry superfood craze a few years ago. If you haven’t heard of how incredible Acai Berries are, let’s brush up on a little bit of history and science.

The Acai Berry is found on the Acai Palm, in the Amazon. Many remote Central American tribes consume the Acai Berry more than they consumed milk, rice, or bread!

It has also been historically used by those tribes for medicine and a specific kind of wine for the last several decades.

What makes this berry so special? It has a unique blend of antioxidants, as well as essential fatty acids. You know all that good anti-aging, free-radical preventing stuff you get from drinking red wine? Acai Berry has 33 times the antioxidant properties that wine does.

Yeah yeah, that’s cool... but what does Acai do for your skin?

For one, Acai Berry has potent amounts of vitamin C. Which means that if you have hyper pigmentation or scarring anywhere on your body, this powerful ingredient can help fade and disappear those scars. (It’s what aestheticians use in their offices all the time!)

If you don’t have scars, it can make your skin take on a healthy outward glow–the kind your girlfriend drools over when she sees Chris Hemsworth and his flawless abs on the big screen.

The rich fatty acid content, as well as coenzyme Q10 contained in Acai Berries, both help to repair damaged skin cells, as well as protect you from future cellular degeneration.

In other words,it keeps your skin looking young!

Acai Berry is also packed full of anti-inflammatory agents. This makes it an excellent candidate for fighting acne and break-outs. It can even help ease the pain of damaged nerve fibers–which is great if you’ve ever had painful cystic acne or ingrown hairs.

This is definitely an all-star ingredient.

But there’s still one more in my line-up.


Best Body Wash Super Ingredient 4: Peppercorn
Look fellas, there are millions of scent combinations on God’s green earth. But if you’re going to choose a scent that is both clean, and spicy... Make sure your body wash has peppercorn in it.

Very few bath products today contain the much coveted peppercorn oil. But back in the day, it was literally the currency used to ransom kings.

Pepper was considered as precious as gold 4,000 years ago. Along the famous trading routes from India to Rome to Turkey to Asia and all the way to Germany, it was used as currency. Atilla the Hun paid part of the ransom fee for sacking Rome, in peppercorn. When Christopher Columbus set sail for what we know today as America, he hoped to find gold -- and peppercorn.

So the grooming experts and fellas here at the Grooming Lounge put our heads together and called on our decades worth of combined experience to create our own solution. It does the trick with just a little bit of "bite."

Thanks to its rich spicy scent peppercorn has been used in perfumes and incense for ages. The irresistible zesty scent of peppercorn was once reserved for only the royals, noble families, and religious sects.

Sexy history aside, let’s talk about how AMAZING peppercorn feels on the skin. It gives you this incredible light tingle as you’re washing yourself–the tingle that says you’re getting irresistibly clean.

Then you step out of the shower, and the scent is incredible.It’s not so heavy that someone down the street will smell you coming... But it’s strong enough for that pretty barista who hands you coffee every morning to ask what you’re wearing.

Believe me when I say you want to be wearing the zesty, kingly scent of peppercorn. Nothing could be manlier or seductively subtle.


This All Sounds Great... But Where Do I Find This Elusive Unicorn of a Body Wash?

Here’s My Personal Choice for Most Amazing Body Wash of 2017: *Voted Best Body Wash for 2017 By the Huffington Post*

Finding a body wash with ALL of these very specific and strategic ingredients has been tough. In my never-ending pursuit of the perfectly balanced body wash I have gone through a slew of options that have one or two of these ingredients, but never all of them.

Some have that heavenly peppercorn smell, but they’re super expensive and leave a slightly oily after-feel when your shower is done. Others feature the holistic benefits of the seaweed and acai, but smell like an unkempt garden of wildflowers (not exactly what I want to smell like).

I thought I had come to the end of a fruitless search, when I finally found the perfect answer: The Grooming Lounge Best Smeller Body Wash.


Here’s all the boxes The Best Smeller checks off in my obsessive pursuit of the perfect body wash:

  • Does not leave a sticky residue on the skin
  • Does not leave your skin oily or over-moisturized
  • Has a wonderful tingly zest from Peppercorn
  • Has the anti-aging benefits of Acai
  • Has the antibacterial and PH balancing benefits of Seaweed
  • Has the healing and moisturizing benefits of Aloe Vera
  • Has an amazingly pleasant scent that only those close to you pick up on
  • Is a high end grooming product with a moderate cost!

When I finished my first shower using the Best Smeller, I felt absolutely refreshed and invigorated. My skin has that wonderful buoyant feel to it–when the moisture is perfectly balanced, but not oily.


Did I mention that my girlfriend is CRAZY about the scent? She just randomly comes up to me and sniffs my neck during the day–it’s a nice ego boost. What’s even better is that even if I want to wear a cologne for a date out, the scent of the Best Smeller is a great base for anything else I want to wear.

I feel clean, my skin looks great, and I smell good and never worry about it.

And coming from a guy who has a phobic tic about hygiene, that’s a pretty big endorsement. But don’t just take my word for it.

The Grooming Lounge is a company that has received national recognition and praise for their amazing marketplace of men’s grooming products. In fact, they were the first men’s grooming ecommerce store on the web!

When Grooming Lounge began to make their own products with formulations created by the grooming experts at their elite barbershops, their thousands of fans and clients waited on pins and needles.


What I love about the Grooming Lounge products, is that their founder Mike Gilman is just as obsessed with quality products as I am!

But he doesn’t just stop at product and service details. In one of the reviews I read before buying the Best Smeller, I was floored at just how personable and warm the Grooming Lounge team is.

The review stated that they asked the shipment center to draw an elephant on their Grooming Lounge shipment box... So they did!

I know that sounds silly, but it’s rare for a big company to do the little things we ask. And, I’m not the only person who’s taken notice of Grooming Lounge’s top notch quality.



In 2017, the Best Smeller was named the Best Smelling Body Wash by Huffington Post.

In 2016, Grooming Lounge won the prestigious Men’s Health Grooming Award for yet another product that was created with the details in mind (The Shavior).

Grooming Lounge has also been recognized by Howard Stern, Playboy, Esquire, Forbes, GQ, and many other prestigious organizations for it’s top quality products and service.







Then you look at the reviews for The Best Smeller, and it only confirms what I experienced:

Very happy with this product. Great lather and rinses clean. I am recommending it to all my product loving friends. The nose is a great burst of black peppercorn that not only is invigorating, but has stays around for awhile. My only question is...when is the cologne or aftershave coming? - Milton N.

I received this product free from a rep at the lounge [barbershop], Jack, as a show of appreciation. I am hooked, leave my skin clean and fresh and smelling great all day long. I will be placing my auto replenishment order today!!! I’m a Grooming Lounge Lifer! - Matt

I wasn’t sure what to expect when purchasing this body wash, but let me tell you I’m glad I took a chance! It’s a great body wash for after the gym. I’ve had some issues with body acne before but ever since switching it’s pretty much all cleared up! The smell is literally the BEST. I would recommend it to anybody looking for a new and refreshing body wash. -Jason

Believe it or not this body wash didn’t wow me right away. The more I used it however, the more I began to appreciate it’s excellent performance. The scent is very similar to the Molton Brown product but that is where the similarities end. The best smeller is also the best lathering wash I’ve tried in some time. On top of that you don’t need much at all. Just a squirt or two on one of those mesh shower sponges and you are in for a great smelling shower experience with lather to spare! Since it doesn’t take much product this will last you a good while. At $22 for 11.5 oz, it is a great value for such a premium body wash. Typical Grooming Lounge excellence and highly recommended. -Edward

I am glad I ordered this Body Wash, it compliments the name, it smells great, cleans skin well and keeps it fresh and smelling good. It really is a great start to the day! I will recommend every man to try this product, I am sure you won’t be disappointed. -Kunal

Alright, alright! I’ll stop singing it’s praises... right after this.



The best part of my finding The Best Smeller, is that it comes with a risk-free money back guarantee!


Imagine my delight when I discovered that Grooming Lounge is so confident in their products, that they will back it up with a guarantee! Since I’m a dude who has gone through countless body washes, this was the detail that sealed the deal.

If only I could have sent back the hundreds of other body washes that left my oily, broke my skin out, smelled terrible, or just didn’t leave me feeling clean. I would have saved thousands of dollars and a lot of time.

Because, let’s face it, you usually know within a few showers if you actually like a product.

Well, Grooming Lounge understands that and they have made it super simple to this great body wash for yourself.