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When it comes to spa services, most men are clueless. But “knowledge is power”– and once gents’ are educated on what’s available and how beneficial such services can be – they’re usually hooked.

So, below is a quick overview of the basic spa services available to the testosterone sect. Of course, if in the DC-area, we have a Barbershop/Spa suggestion for you to visit. But… we’re not pushing.


Don't knock any service till you've tried it. The guys who say "never" are usually the ones saying "again" post treatment.



What Is It? Simple service designed to keep hands neat and tidy. Nail expert will clip, file and shape nails, clean up cuticles, moisturize and provide a hand massage.

Why Get One? A man’s hands need to presentable at all times (if not the first, it’s the second thing people look at) and regular manicures can make this happen. Manicures also help ward off bad bacteria, potential infections and are great for circulation and relaxation.

How Much $$$? $15 - $35 for Standard; $50+ for Deluxe

How Often? 1x per month

TIP: Go for the Paraffin Wax upgrade if available. Hands get dipped into a “wax glove” and feel awesome after.


What Is It? A Manicure (see above) for the feet (but more in-depth as men’s feet are usually in bad shape). Nail expert will clip, file and shape toenails and clean up cuticles in a hot-tub-esque foot bath. Service will also include removal of dead-skin via a pumice stone, moisturization and an extended massage of the foot and ankle area.

Why Get One? The best way to aesthetically get nasty feet in bare foot or flip-flop shape. As important, pedicures ward off bad bacteria, potential infections and are great for circulation, relaxation and rejuvenation of feet that take a daily pounding.

How Much $$$? $35 - $65 Standard; $70+ Deluxe

How Often? 1x per month

TIP: Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. The foot massage itself is worth the price of admission.


What Is It? Relaxing, stress-reducing, muscle loosening and sometimes enjoyably painful treatment. Licensed Massage Therapist will push, pull, press and more. Most popular massage types include Swedish (gentle and relaxing), Deep Tissue (targets chronically tight or painful areas) and Hot Stone (warm and comforting smooth stones used to relieve tension).

Why Get One? To help relax, decompress, work out muscle soreness, improve posture and athletic performance.

How Much Does It Cost? $75 - $250 Depending On Type & Duration

How Often? 6x per year or as needed

TIP: Ensure a thorough consultation with your Massage Therapist prior to ensure goals for service are aligned.


What Is It? Skin care treatment that deeply cleanses and reenergizes the face and improves overall skin health and appearance. Esthetician will most commonly cleanse, exfoliate, extract (pop zits and get out gunk), mask and moisturize skin. Usually includes a brief cranial and neck massage.

Why Get One? Improves skin’s appearance, texture and can help with issues such as extreme oiliness or dryness. Really relaxing and refreshing and can help improve daily shaves as well.

How Much Does It Cost? $75 - $200 depending on type.

How Often? 1x monthly is ideal, but something is better than nothing.

TIP: Make certain Esthetician provides a clear blueprint for the products and steps you should do daily at home to ensure ongoing great skin.


What Is It? Hair-removal method that removes excess hair from the root so it doesn’t grow back as quickly or as thick. Esthetician utilizes Muslin Strips (don’t worry about it) and warm wax to gently and relatively painlessly smooth a guy out. Main areas of focus include backs, shoulders and chests, but facial areas including eyebrows, nose and ears are also popular.

Why Get One? Increased confidence. Less embarrassment. Faster marathon/swimming times. Hair grows back much slower (2-8 weeks typically) and usually comes in thinner.

How Much Does It Cost? $15 - $100 depending on waxing area.

How Often? As often as needed to get desired look.

TIP: Unibrows and ear hair are 100% unacceptable, so it’s important to stay on top of those. For backs and chests, a man can at least wear a shirt