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Tips + Tools For Grooming While Traveling

Grooming Tips To Follow While Traveling

Maintaining a comfortable, clean and professional look during and after air travel can be tough. Cramped cabins, changing time zones and altered eating and sleeping patterns can leave even the best-groomed gent looking ragged. But fear not frequent flyer -- by following the suggestions and tips below, traveling light and with TSA-friendly products, your appearance and stress levels can always maintain the proper altitude.





Ursa Major Face Wipes

Seemingly obvious, but too often ignored, staying properly hydrated during air travel is critical. The low humidity in airplane cabins can dry out a gent's skin big time and since proper hydration starts on the inside, it's essential to drink plenty of H2O before, during and after the flight. Don't get chincy and think a low-quality hotel face lotion will suffice for a few days either. Bring a top-notch moisturizer like Grooming Lounge Mug Moisturizer and apply it regularly, even a few extra times during travel days. Lip balms are always handy to carry along for dry puckers too.

  • Bring along and utilize some eyedrops to ensure you're not the only "dry eye in the house."
  • During longer flights, multi-purpose face wipescan serve as a great refresher and cleanser.



Parker Zipper Close Leather Case for Razor and Blades

 Unless traveling to a Miami Vice convention, shaving will probably be required at some point during said trip. The simplest way to fit in a quick shave is by using a tidy electric razor. However, if staying true to your wet-shaving roots (recommended), grab and travel with the TSA-approved 3 oz. Jack Black Supreme Creme and Grooming Lounge Best for Last Aftershave. Don’t settle for a crappy disposable razor (especially the ones hotels dole out) -- bring along a real razor and if you like an extra slick shave, bring along a Grooming Lounge Beard Master Shave Oil.

  • Take a little extra care in prepping the face, as travel-induced dryness can lead to more fragile, sensitive skin. Take a warm, wet towel and apply it to the face for a minute or so before lathering up.
  • A styptic pencil is the best way to ensure no bleeding cuts make an appearance at a business meeting or presentation.




Travalo Travel Fragrance Refill Spray Container

Bringing along a kick-ass fragrance shouldn’t be a hassle. And since large, expensive and extremely fragile cologne bottles have no business in a carry-on bag, grab the ingenious Travalo Travel Fragrance Refill Spray Container. This little sucker provides a safe haven for just enough scent to get one through a trip.

  • Putting a little powder in the ole’ shoes will not only keep those dogs comfortable, but will also keep fellow passengers from passing out should the shoes come off.
  • Smelling sublime doesn’t only mean body odor. Keep your breathe fresh with some gum as well. It can be good for ears-popping pressure too.




Anthony Logistics Wake Up Call

 Not sleeping in one’s own bed or normal time zone wreaks havoc on a man’s system. So, be certain to think about how much sleep you’ve had, especially on those first few transition days. Grabbing a 30-minute power nap can make all the difference. But if you just can’t seem to snap out of it, grab an energizing “shock” treatment like Anthony Logistics Wake Up Call to provide a jolt of energy to tired skin.

Speaking of rest, don’t sleep on some of the hidden health risks posed by that seemingly “luxurious” hotel room:

  • Before kicking back, rub a towel and maybe some sanitizer on the remote control, coffee maker and ice bucket - typically the dirtiest things in the room.
  • Fold back and toss aside the rarely-washed duvet cover on the bed and any extra pillows.
  • Don’t immediately dial room service - nutritious eating and exercising are crucial. Hit the hotel gym and avoid the pub grub as much as possible.