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Grooming lounge teaching mens fashion


Thanks for watching Jose's/Teaching Men's Fashion video and welcome to Grooming Lounge. Jose knows his stuff when it comes to all things fashion and grooming, but Grooming Lounge isn't a novice either when it comes to helping men look and feel their most handsome and confident through the art of manly grooming. Not to brag, but we're considered an authority with more than 17+ years of experience offering grooming products online and 15+ years of operating our now-iconic men's Barbershops & Spas.

So, if you have any questions about the products Jose recommends, or want some insight as to how to improve your shaves, skincare regimen or hair/body challenges -- we're here to help.

In the meantime, here's our take on the products Jose mentioned. And don't forget you can save 15% on the products listed below for a limited time with the code: GROOMTMF15

Grooming Lounge Beard Master Shave Oil

$22.00 1 oz.
 Our Take:
A lot of men aren't even aware shave oil is a "thing," but once they try it -- typically via a recommendation like one from Jose - their shave experience is taken to a whole new level. Winner of a Men's Health Grooming Award, our revolutionary shave oil is truly special. If your shaves are even a tad irritating, Beard Master Shave Oil saves sensitive skin by enabling incredible razor glide and slip. It eliminates annoying razor drag. The result, whether used solo or mixed with a shave cream, is that faces are left free of redness, razor burn and rashes.

A Customer Review
This is great to use to soften your beard before using a shaving cream. My razor now just glides over my skin for the closet shave I have ever had. Great stuff! Once you try it, you will never use anything else.
-- Cubby

Grooming Lounge The Shavior

$25.00 3 oz.
Our Take:
Say sayonnara to ingrown hairs, razor bumps, razor burn and redness caused by sub-par shaving routines. Whether used as a spot treatment or as an aftershave post shaving, The Shavior is a miracle lotion that's been shown to miraculously improve the look and feel of once-irritated skin. It's got a bit of bite to let you know it's working -- but that's just the superstar ingredients doing their job. Winner of a Men's Health Men's Grooming Award.

A Customer Review
I have applied the Shavior after my shaves only twice now. It works wonders and I don't have the ingrown hairs or the red bumps that I used to. I was skeptical, but am a believer now and will purchase again in the future.
-- David H

Grooming Lounge Whisker Sauce Beard Conditioning Lotion

$22.00 4 oz.
Our Take:
Many think beards are for the lazy -- but they actually take a lot of work and perseverance. A lot. The hardest part is usually pushing through the itchiness and scratchiness that accompanies initial beard growth. Enter Whisker Sauce. This conditioning lotion ensures facial hair starts soft and healthy, keeping itchiness and scratchiness at bay. And for more mature facial hair formations, its best-in-class for keeping beards soft, smooth and without fly aways. It's like a leave-in conditioner that offers light styling control and a sublime and refreshing lime scent .

A Customer Review
Screw That Itch
I got a sample of this and have been using it for 3+ weeks. The itch on my beard is gones-ville and my beard is soft and handsome as can be. It keeps it all in place.
-- Ray

Malin + Goetz Rice Bran Eye Moisturizer

$42.00 .5 oz.
Our Take:
Even the manliest of men aren't immune to the effects of late nights and the stress of aging that takes its toll on the most delicate skin on the body -- the eye region. For those with bags, puffiness and dark circles, or guys who are simply tired of looking tired, grab this eye cream to restore skin to its younger, more energetic-looking days. The Rice Bran and Soja Amino Acids promote capillary circulation to address the pesky peeper concerns that a night's sleep can’t. Over time, the hydrating formula reduces fine lines and wrinkles that go hand-in-hand with getting older. Make sure to give it a few weeks to kick-in -- it’ll work its magic from there.

A Customer Review
Excellent product
I was a bit skeptical about using this product. I turned out to be quite wrong... I had never used an eye cream before and was amazed at how well it worked. Will be buying again.
-- Zach

Jack Black Face Buff Energizing Scrub - 6 oz.

$30.00 3 oz. or 6 oz.
Our Take:
This light, creamy scrub not only works as a deep-cleansing exfoliator, but does overtime duty as the perfect pre-shave scrub -- penetrating the surface layer of skin to lift whiskers and uproot ingrown hairs for a smoother shave. A combination of Menthol and Vitamin C delivers a wake-up call to tired dermis and the skin is left feeling clean and refreshed. The Buff (it’s got its own nickname) uses unique gentle scrubbing particles that make sensitive-skinned gents mucho happy. One can never go wrong using Jack Black products.

A Customer Review
The Buff Is The Best
Love the Face Buff. Nice creamy texture, small scrubs do the job. Been using for years and none come close to this scrub.
-- John

Urth Face Scrub - 4 oz.

$38.00 4 oz. or 2 oz. Travel Size
Our Take:
Imagine sitting on the shore of the Pacific Ocean. The tide is running up to your feet when you reach down and feel the cool, wet, mud-like sand in your hands. That’s what you get when you try Urth’s amazing face scrub – bar none the most unique scrub out there. The grainy texture penetrates deep into pores for an invigorating clean that eliminiates blackheads -- while the muddy composition leaves behind an improved skin tone and texture for a younger-looking complexion. Smells just as good as it works too (not like mud).

A Customer Review
Works amazing!
This scrub is incredible. Every time I use this product, my skin looks younger, refreshed, clean, and pores look smaller. Cleans away any blackheads. Try it! You won't be disappointed!
-- Tyler

Grooming Lounge Super Powder

$16.00 4.8 oz.
Our Take:
Believe it or not, powders are some of Grooming Lounge's top-selling items. Of course, no guy wants to come out and say they use them, but at the end of the day, you'll find a talc-type powder in most guy's bathrooms. The best one by far is Super Powder (we're a bit biased of course). It's light, fresh and it will keep the crown jewels comfy and sweat-free all day. No more bat wings... or swamp ass (that's on the other side). No funky odors coming from below any longer and it really helps reduce chafing/friction for those active gents among us. Great for reducing sweat in shoes and on chests and back sides as well.

A Customer Review
Works amazing!
Keeps the jewels fresh, dry and odor free. It's great for work and school so you don't have to worry about sweat down there. I also use on my chest in a pinch.
-- Randy