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“You Can Use Body Powder...For THAT?”

The Sorta Weird, But Really Useful, Way Men’s Body Powder Can Improve Your Life

Want to keep those balls clean and fresh?

At first, I really thought my girlfriend had lost her mind.

Or she was trying to tell me my manly bits smelled bad.

Either option was greatly upsetting and not how I wanted to start off my birthday morning. I wanted an Ipod or tickets for the next UFC in Vegas. (Which I did get a bit later, thank god.)

But what I was looking at in that moment was Grooming Lounge Super Powder.

Body powder? What do I need body powder for?

I didn’t grow up using body powder of any sort. I have always been a “shower - deodorant - go thou forth into the world” kind of guy. In my uneducated brain, body powder was for people who sweat too much. Maybe for athletes to pour into their shoes to keep the stench from killing a teammate by accident.

I really was clueless as to just how useful body powder can be, that is, if you actually know how to use it. I opened up the Grooming Lounge Super Powder and took a whiff! Smells wonderful, nice and clean and sporty without being overbearing. Okay, maybe there was something to this.

My girlfriend beamed up at me and said: “I spoke with someone at Grooming Lounge before I bought this. A really helpful guy in their customer care department. He told me how many guys just love this body powder -- he even sent me an email with all the really great ways you can use this.”

To get to the point guys, over the next month or so of using Grooming Lounge Super Powder on a daily basis, I found out first hand just how useful this stuff is.

Sure, smelling amazing and clean is important -- but I’m also a practical guy.

I enjoy things that I can use in many areas of my life and, wow! I am putting this great product to use All The Time!

If you have never used a great body powder, do yourself a favor and just check out all the ways thousands of other guys just like you and I, use this great product every day.

If you do currently use body powder, you might want to check out this list anyway. I bet you’ll learn a thing or two.

Here’s the short list of everything you can use body powder for. If you want more details on how body powder makes a man more attractive, confident, and approachable, read what comes after the list!

Body Powder Helps...

With the RIGHT POWDER you can fight bacteria, wetness, batwings, swamp ass, jock itch, athlete’s foot and general stinkiness!
  • Eliminate body parts sticking together (like the dreaded summer batwings)
  • Soaks up excess sweat all over the body (pits, pectorals, back, shoulders, butt, thighs, feet)
  • Prevents chafing of body parts
  • Can help improve your grip (baseball, lifting weights)
  • Prevents and covers nasty body odor
  • Treats and soothe skin irritations
  • Treats and soothes jock itch
  • Treats and soothes athlete’s foot
  • Makes it more comfortable to wear shoes and socks (no more excess sweat or smell)

What makes a great body powder? Read the details below to make the best body powder choice for your needs:

Soak Up Excess Body Sweat

Don’t be THIS guy...
The one everyone backs away from, holding their breath while snickering at unmanly pit stains.

While we all like to giggle at the term “body powder” and think about the only body part we’re probably going to use it for (hint: they dangle), it’s actually a pretty literal term.

Some of us sweat more than others and the best remedy is to use a powder to soak it up. Even if you wear deodorant, you can still sweat up a storm when your nerves get frazzled. You can dust body powder on your armpits, your pectorals, your back, your butt, and of course, between your thighs.

Using body powder helps to prevent body parts from sticking together (the dreaded bat wings, for example), prevents chafing from parts rubbing together (marathon runners swear by it), and eliminates body breakouts from excess sweat clogging your pores.

Plus, the right body powder leaves you smelling great -- unlike using generic Gold Bond (which smells like some kind of weird winterfresh body tic-tac), or baby powder (do you want to smell like a baby -- because I don’t).

You don’t want that nice button-up shirt your girlfriend picked out for you to look like you just ran a marathon. Be a man and put some body powder on. She’ll think you’re super fresh and you’ll be a lot more confident when you don’t have to worry about pit stains.

Eliminate Body Itching

Are you on a sports team? Do you work out regularly? Do you often wear form-fitting and tight clothing? Is your work physical and sweaty? Do you wear sweaty socks most of the day? Do you just tend to get skin irritation from sweating or friction? What about jock itch or athlete’s foot?

Skin irritations, jock itch and athlete’s foot can result from a number of different things -- but most commonly, it comes from excess sweat and bacteria interacting on your body. It creates a super cocktail on your skin, that then attracts more bacteria that wants to drink that cocktail. It’s a vicious cycle and it’s really not sexy.

A normal body powder helps to treat the symptom of itching and even help soak up excess sweat that can make everything worse... But a great body powder will also avoid using ingredients that can further irritate your skin.

The nasty fungi Trichophyton which cause tinea, athlete’s foot, ringworm, jock itch and similar infections of the skin, nail, beard and scalp

For those fighting skin irritation, jock itch, or athlete’s foot, you want to find a body powder that is aluminum and alcohol free. Both aluminum and alcohol can irritate your bacteria-ridden body even more, which makes your body stress out more (even if you aren’t aware of it), which then makes you sweat more...

And further feeds the bacteria. In fact, aluminum can leave microscopic lesions on the skin. It’s like little knives opening portals for the bacteria to slip into and make you a lot more sick.

Plus, you want to make sure that the scent of your body powder isn’t overwhelming. Excess fragrance oils can also cause further irritation to the skin. (So, that Gold Bond you’ve using on your tootsies could actually be making it worse -- plus you smell like some kind of messed up surprise combination of winterfresh tic tac covering up onion body stench. Brings back memories of middle-school and the first time you tried to dance with a girl, don’t it?)

The right body powder is finely ground so that it won’t irritate your skin. It doesn’t have alcohol or aluminum that are skin irritants, either. It’s got a light scent with fragrance oils that won’t inflame your already sensitive dermis tissue, or feed bacteria.

Does it sound complicated? It doesn’t have to be. You’re also gonna smell and feel a hell of a lot better if you use the right stuff.

Eliminate Odors of All Sorts

I’m sure you’ve gotten this general point by now, but it’s worth reiterating. The right body powder doesn’t just cover odor up; it helps eliminate the source of odor altogether.

Your sweat DOESN’T STINK yet.... BUT IT WILL!

So how does it work? First, you have to understand how body odor actually occurs.

Your sweat is naturally odorless. It is emitted from one of two different types of glands in the body, strategically positioned in various places.

There are only two reasons why you sweat. The first, is that your body really needs to cool down. Sweat is the body’s natural thermoregulator.

NOW it stinks! The bacteria on your skin causes it to reek like stewed onions and NO ONE should smell like THAT. No one.

The second reason, is that your body is detoxing something terrible. We’ll come back to that in a moment.

Where scent comes in, is when your sweat comes into contact with bacteria. On a day-to-day basis, that’s going to occur on the outside of your body. The upper layers or surface of your skin will have bacteria lying in wait, which your sweat eventually makes contact with. Blamo! You smell like an onion.

Or, there is the second case -- your body happens to detox. For example, you could have the flu.* When that happens, your sweat comes into contact with bacteria that’s pumping through your body. Your body secretes the bacteria-infested sweat and suddenly you smell like five-day-old roadkill.

Now, you could work on cleaning up your diet, wearing looser clothes, showering more often, taking vitamins and getting more sleep.

Or, if you’re like the rest of us chumps who only have the time to do like 3 of those things in a given day...use body powder. (If you’re one of the few men who are doing all the aforementioned things, then you already understand body powder is just a great way to further take care of yourself.)

Body powder can help maintain the PH balance of your skin -- which makes it harder for bacteria to live there. It also soaks up sweat, so it never comes into contact with the bacteria that reside on your skin. Plus, the right body powder smells awesome already.


So, in using the right body powder you are...

  • Eliminating bacteria
  • Keeping your skin healthy
  • Soaking up excess sweat

And you don’t even have to give up that nightly beer, or the nachos you love to scarf down during your favorite UFC fight.

(*Please note that body powder will not help you cure the flu. It will just make you feel better while you’re on the road to recovery, because you won’t smell like a rotting human burrito of disease. Again, girlfriends everywhere will thank the gods if this becomes a thing.)

Prevent the Post-Waxing Apocalypse

Some dudes are more committed to looking like Adonis than others. I respect that, I really do. In fact, I truly am in awe of the dudes who get any body part waxed. That’s a bravery most of us will never have to call upon.

While you may be the bravest (and probably the best looking) of us all, that doesn’t mean you have to face skin irritation with just a stiff upper lip. Even the ladies will tell you that nothing kills a good wax faster than red, irritated skin.

If you want to keep your skin from looking like some kind of post-wax apocalypse of red irritated bumps, body powder could be the answer you’re looking for.

After you’ve waxed a body part, it leaves your pores wide open for business. Most professional body-hair removers will then give you some sort of after-wax solution to apply to your stinging-bits. This helps a little bit with soothing irritation and re-closing the pores. However, your pores could remain open for up to 2 hours after you’ve limped off the waxing table.

While your pores are open, any number of things could happen.

You could put your form-fitting Calvin Klein underwear on and the fabric could rub your already more-sensitive-than-usual skin the wrong way. The air conditioning of your world-class sports car could suddenly die and now you’re sweating on Hollywood Boulevard cursing your mechanic -- while your open pores bathe in sweat, stress hormones, and pollution. You could try to impress a fine looking lady on the beach while you’re working on your guns and get covered in irritating sand, while you sweat all over the place.

Or, you could be like a lot of people and do absolutely nothing interesting whatsoever, yet, still end up covered in red irritated bumps.

Body powder is a great way to gently help protect your pores from sweat, bacteria and irritation. That way you don’t have to cringe thinking about round-two of torture by wax -- ongoing skin irritation.

Miscellaneous, But Super Convenient Uses For Your Body Powder

As you know by now, body powder is a powerful tool to have in your grooming arsenal. But, if the point hasn’t hit home yet, here are a few parting uses for body powder you may not have thought about.

Do you regularly trim your neck with an electric trimmer? In barbershops around the world, it’s tradition to finish a neck trim with good smelling body powder. As we’ve explained before, body powder helps to soothe any irritation you might have, plus it helps seal and protect your skin and open pores. (Also, if you have thick hair, a wet shave may cause your skin to break into bumps. You can use body powder instead of an oil or cream. This has shown to eliminate skin bumps and breakouts for thick haired men.)

Do you have oily hair? Oily hair rarely looks as sexy as Antonio Banderas makes it look. Instead, it just looks sloppy. In a pinch, sprinkle body powder in the roots of your hair, then run your hands through your hair a few times. Voila! Your hair looks fresh instead of oily, and it smells awesome.

Do you store sports equipment in your closet? Just as body powder can help eliminate the smell of sweaty shoes, you can use it to make your closet smell fresh. Or at least neutralize the smell of sweaty balls... and gloves. Also, generally speaking, if you don’t like the smell of closet sachets of potpourri, you can use body powder as an alternative to eliminate the smell of dust and age.

Choosing A Great Body Powder

Bestowed with all this valuable knowledge, you are probably wondering which body powder you should give a try.

As I said before, this all started because my girlfriend bought me Grooming Lounge Super Powder for my birthday.

First, let me say, it doesn’t smell anything like the talcum powder and athlete’s foot powder I grew up with (no more smelling like a body tic tac). It’s a fresh, slightly-peppery scent that doesn’t overpower the cologne I wear. Which means I really could use it for my hair or in my shoes during a particularly hot and sweaty day.

Grooming Lounge Super Powder is also alcohol and aluminum free. This is especially important if you have sensitive skin... Or just want to reduce your chances of skin cancer.

My biggest hesitation with putting anything on my body, is the texture. I don’t want a body powder that feels thick, grainy, etc. Thankfully, Grooming Lounge Super Powder is a very fine powder that settles into the skin quickly. Even after directly sprinkling it on my skin I don’t notice that it’s there.

Lastly, Grooming Lounge Super Powder does exactly what you want it to do: it soaks up sweat and oil, while also protecting and nourishing your skin at the same time.

Yep, it really can be used for anything on this list -- and probably a lot more than I can think of or research.

In fact, here’s what a few other guys have to say about Grooming Lounge Super Powder:

  • So I am someone who sweats a lot and I work in a warehouse. I am constantly moving and building up a sweat and although I am not a crazy smelly person I always try to keep clean and smelling fresh all the time. This powder works wonders! I put this mainly on my man parts and between the buns and I am dry and smelling fresh all day even through all the grit and grim. I highly recommend this product to anyone especially if you are someone who sweats a lot especially in those dark moist areas! -Jeffrey
  • The value of Super Powder is the best. In my opinion, Super Powder is better than the Balla powders. It has more grams than the Balla, and also costs less! It’s the the best powder, and well worth your money! -Andy
  • This powder is some of the best I’ve ever used. It has a great scent and does just what it is meant for. I use this powder daily. I work outside most of the day in hot, humid, TN. At the end of the day, my sensitive areas are always still smelling fresh. For the price, you can’t beat it. You’d be doing yourself a favor to at least try this product. -Scott
  • Grooming Lounge Super Powder smells fantastic, and it lasts. What more can I say? It’s a good product. -Brandon
  • I tried this product based on the reviews of so many other users. It’s a great powder and really works. I’m now a believer and happy to join the long list of recommenders. -Raymond
  • I have used powders as a child and was not sure if I needed this now, decided to go for it after watching a review online. This thing works miracle, keeps the sweat away from the area and doesn’t give that itchy feel, especially in summer. I will definitely recommend the product. -Kunal


But if you still aren’t convinced, here’s a few things to consider:

  1. Grooming Lounge guarantees all of their products: Which means you don’t have to risk spending money on something that doesn’t work and then being stuck with it.
  2. Grooming Lounge Super Powder is one of the best sellers in the Grooming Lounge catalogue of products: Including many other premium brands, but if so many men love this Super Powder, it’s for a reason.
  3. Grooming Lounge also sells several other premium men’s grooming products: They’re happy to help you pick one out. Seriously, give their live chat a try! You can talk man-to-man with a grooming expert and find the product that will work for you.

Oh yeah, back to my story. So my girl bought me this body powder... and she bought me tickets for a Vegas UFC tournament. Sounds like an odd pair of birthday gifts, but it ended up being the perfect match.

In Vegas the sun was blazing and the arena was filled to the gills. As we filed into the stadium amongst packed crowds of strangers, I naturally began to sweat.

Usually, I’d become super self conscious about pit marks and possible body odor -- especially when I know later there is a great possibility that my girl and I are going to get intimate in a swanky Vegas hotel room.

This time I had nothing to fear. I had sprinkled body powder all over my body that morning, in anticipation of the desert heat and the crowded bodies. I would feel the sweat for a brief moment... then it magically disappeared.

My shirt remained moisture-free as I screamed at my dream fighters to beat the other guy to a bloody pulp. If I had made it on television for my 15 minutes of fame, I would have been confident I didn’t look like a sweaty super fan (well, at least not sweaty). And later that night as my girl and I headed back to the hotel I had nothing to fear about abrasive smells.

That, my dudes, is an invaluable feeling of confidence I wouldn’t trade for the world.